Fox News has been touting its ESG, ‘diversity and inclusion’ goals since 2020 in annual ‘corporate social responsibility’ reports, and NewsCorp, too

By Robert Romano After Tucker Carlson’s firing by Fox News, do high ratings even matter anymore? That might be a good question one might ask from Fox News’ termination of Carlson, the station’s most highly rated host, who was easily winning cable news’ battle for the 8pm […]


Limit, Save, Grow will impose discretionary spending caps for about a decade, saving more than $3 trillion, but is it enough?

By Robert Romano House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and the House Republican majority have unveiled their spending plan for the next decade, the Limit, Save, Grow Act , that will be tied to a $1.5 trillion increase in the $31.4 trillion national debt ceiling, the centerpiece of which imposes discretionary budget caps beginning in 2024 , but which will […]


America First Legal files civil rights complaint against Anheuser-Busch’s racial and gender hiring quotas as violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

By Robert Romano America First Legal Foundation on April 17 filed a civil rights complaint against Anheuser-Busch at the Missouri branch of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against employment discrimination on the basis of race and sex, blasting the […]


Speaker McCarthy pushes for ‘debt limit negotiations’ with President Biden on $31.4 trillion debt as we stare into an abyss of ever larger banks

By Robert Romano “A no-strings-attached debt limit increase will not pass.” That was House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in a speech to the New York Stock Exchange on April 17 foreshadowing the upcoming debate in Congress on increasing the $31.4 trillion national debt ceiling as the new House Republican majority […]


Inflation dips to 5 percent as demand begins collapsing, Fed set to keep increasing

By Robert Romano The consumer price index has continued to descend from its June 2022 peak of 9.1 percent down to a still elevated 5 percent in March 2023, according to the latest reading from the Bureau of Labor Statistics . The decrease was almost exclusively due energy prices continuing to stabilize, with oil prices being down in […]


China has dumped $150 billion of U.S. treasuries since Jan. 2022. Is it a prelude to war?

By Robert Romano Since Jan. 2022, China has reduced its U.S. treasuries held outright, from $1.03 trillion to $859 billion in Jan. 2023, a 16.8 percent decrease, according to the latest data compiled by the U.S. Treasury of foreign holders of U.S. securities. This comes atop a further decrease from its peak in Nov. 2013 at more than $1.3 trillion , bringing the total decrease to 34.7 percent the past decade. […]


Gross interest on the $31.4 trillion national debt will hit $1 trillion in 2024 as reserve currency status is questioned

By Robert Romano Gross interest owed on the $31.4 trillion national debt —that is, interest owed on both the $24.9 trillion publicly traded debt and the $6.7 trillion debt in the Social Security, Medicare and other trust funds—will reach a gargantuan $1 trillion in 2024 for the first time in American […]


Peak employment holds steady—for now—as the unemployment rate holds at 3.5 percent and hiring slows down

By Robert Romano The unemployment rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics was down slightly to 3.5 percent, according to the latest data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as peak employment persists in the U.S. ahead of an expected recession. By 2024, the Federal Reserve expects unemployment will be up to 4.6 percent. […]


Cartoon: Red New Deal


It would take a vote of Congress to authorize a central bank digital currency, and Congress has not voted.

By Robert Romano “[W]e would not proceed with this without support from Congress, and I think that would ideally come in the form of an authorizing law, rather than us trying to interpret our law to enable this.” That was Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in March 2021 , noting the fact that when it […]

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