National debt will hit $100 trillion by 2036 at current growth rate

By Robert Romano Since 1980, when the national debt was $907 billion and just 31.7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the debt has grown by an average of 9 percent a year, to its current level of more than $30.7 trillion — 124 percent of GDP — according to […]


U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar: ‘No taxation for Social Security benefits’ and allow seniors to work more without penalty

By Robert Romano Baby Boomers are retiring faster than the population of 16-to-64-year-olds is increasing, an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows , with 3.2 million more 65-years-old-or-older Americans leaving the civilian labor force since Jan. 2020. Comparatively, the population of 16-to-64-year-olds has only increased by 1.5 million since Jan. 2020 to its current […]


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U.S. recessions help cool off inflation as Biden touts ‘zero inflation’ for July

By Robert Romano Consumer inflation cooled a bit in July down to 8.5 percent from its prior high of 9.1 percent, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as President Joe Biden touted “zero inflation” at an Aug. 10 press conference for the month of July. The annualized rate is still rather high, but any softening of inflation — […]


Worker productivity is dropping in Biden’s America

by Rick Manning The drop in productivity per worker in Biden’s America is a really bad sign.  It means that employers have to pay more to get the same work product at a time when the amount of people available to hire remains more than half a […]


Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents may be short-lived

By Rick Manning President Joe Biden and ‘conservative’ Democrat Joe Manchin’s alleged inflation fighting legislation passed through the Senate this past weekend.  It will be surprising to many Americans that the inflation fight includes hiring 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents, who are supposed to squeeze $200 billion out of their pockets over the next ten years. This is the Democrats plan […]


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Why Biden’s betting unemployment will stay low for now

By Robert Romano Today, the U.S. unemployment rate ticked down to a 50-year low of 3.5 percent as 179,000 more Americans were employed in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ household survey. After today, there will only be three more unemployment reports before the Nov. 8 Congressional midterms : Sept. 2, Oct. 7 and Nov. 4. President Joe Biden — who said the day […]


Biden’s weaponization of the FTC

By Richard Manning The Federal Trade Commission’s website states, “Our mission is protecting consumers and competition by preventing anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices through law enforcement, advocacy, and education without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.” The Biden FTC, led by Chair Lina Khan, in […]


Job openings have crashed 1.1 million since March in yet another recession signal

By Robert Romano Job openings have crashed by more than 1.1 million since March to about 10.7 million, appearing to signal an imminent uptick in the unemployment rate over the coming months and perhaps years depending on the severity of the current recession, an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLT) survey and household survey data showing an inverse relationship […]

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