Success of Trump-Putin summit to prevent nuclear war between U.S. and Russia missed by establishment amid hysteria over hacking

By Robert Romano If one did not know any better, he or she might conclude that the single most important function of the President of the United States is to secure the computer email systems of the nation’s privately run major political parties against intrusion by foreign […]


Do Democrats really want a cyber treaty with Russia? They should be careful what they wish for, Trump might take them up on the offer.

By Robert Romano “If [the Russians] want to collaborate and show they will properly act with us going forwards — so-called cyber norms — I think it’s a conversation our State Department is already having and one which started in previous administrations and that Trump should support […]


MERIT Act passes out of committee, proceeds to House floor

By Natalia Castro The MERIT Act is finally moving forward. After a passing vote in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the MERIT Act will be moving onto the House floor in the coming weeks for a vote. Congress can take a major step in answering the people’s calls […]


Trump asks the right question: Where’s the DNC server?

By Robert Romano “Where is the server? I want to know where is the server and what is the server saying?” That was President Donald Trump at the Helsinki, Finland summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16, responding to a question of whether he believed U.S. intelligence agencies, which have stated Russia hacked the Democratic […]


Cartoon: Purple Heart

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image.


The left will do anything for votes, even put children in danger

By Printus LeBlanc The mainstream media and the left seem to have forgotten about the border, probably because they read the polls on illegal immigration, the problem still persists. Not only does it persist, it is getting worse. Children have become the accessory of choice for human […]


MERIT Act picks up steam by getting a Senate version

By Natalia Castro U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) has been leading the charge for civil service reform in the House for months. Now, members of the Senate have decided to jump on board to give the MERIT Act a real hope of passing before midterms, with Sen. […]


Mueller indicts Russia for hacking the DNC and Podesta but when did Wikileaks actually get the emails?

By Robert Romano Special Counsel Robert Mueller on July 13 indicted several Russians said to be GRU intelligence operatives who Mueller alleges hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and gave the emails to Wikileaks to be published. But just […]


Trump is right about NATO, challenges Russia, as the mainstream media and the left continue to don tinfoil hats

By Printus LeBlanc President Trump has spent much of this week in Europe at the annual North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. The President has used the gathering to voice his concerns over NATO members’ commitment to the alliance. For decades the U.S. has carried more than […]


It is official, Paul Manafort is a political prisoner

By Printus LeBlanc Paul Manafort is in a fight for his life, literally. He is currently facing up to 305 years in prison if he is convicted of all the crimes he is alleged to have committed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Manafort is currently in solitary confinement for 23 hours […]

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