Trump needs to clean house in a second term

By Catherine Mortensen If President Donald Trump wins a second term, one of his top priorities should be reforming the federal civil service. It could be tougher than brokering peace in the Middle East. Many presidents have tried and failed to root out lazy, incompetent, […]


Cartoon: All Tied Up


Virtual learning fails children with disabilities

By Robert Romano Schools across America have begun the 2020-2021 academic year, but approximately 67 percent of students in a snapshot of 19.6 million students in the 100 largest school districts in the U.S. are utilizing remote learning only to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Education Week . Those children […]


Cartoon: In Plain Sight


Trump protects religious freedom as Navy reverses course on Catholic priest cuts

By Catherine Mortensen President Donald Trump is praising the Navy’s top brass for making a rare course reversal in a case of religious freedom that had many on the right outraged. It’s the latest success for the administration in a long record of fighting to […]


Polls tighten in battleground states after President Trump gets big post-convention bump

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump has received a definite bump in polls following the presidential nominating conventions, including his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination at the White House on Aug. 27. The latest NBC-Marist poll conducted Aug. 31 to Sept. 6 shows President Trump and former Vice […]


Cartoon: Summer of Love


A Tale of Two States: Who Handled Covid Better, New York or Florida?

By Catherine Mortensen With the initial Covid-19 surge in cases and mortality in the rearview mirror (thankfully) for both New York and Florida, we finally have a clearer picture of the outcomes in states that took very different policy approaches — especially when it came […]


Meddling liberal billionaires defeated in push to buy Arkansas

By Richard McCarty John and Laura Arnold, the liberal, out-of-state billionaires meddling in Arkansas politics, have been defeated. They supported a ballot measure campaign run by an organization called Open Primaries Arkansas to radically change the way that most state and federal candidates are elected there. Under the Arnolds’ scheme, […]


Cartoon: Trump vs. Hiden

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