Should the Constitution be amended to prohibit court-packing?

By Richard McCarty Democrats have been angered and terrified by the progress that President Donald Trump has made in appointing conservative judges to the federal bench, especially to the Supreme Court. As a result, some Democrats are openly advocating for expanding the Court to pack it with […]


Should New York City be quarantined?

By Robert Romano 55 percent of U.S. coronavirus cases are now in the state of New York, with an outbreak occurring in New York City, the most densely populated area and the largest city in the nation with more than 8 million. More than 21,000 cases are now reported in New York City , and more than 37,000 statewide . […]


Cartoon: Cabin Fever


President Trump right to seek balance in moving forward in health emergency

By Rick Manning The balancing act that President Donald Trump is attempting between public health concerns over the Chinese virus and the economic disaster being left in the wake of the government social distancing flattening the curve cure is perhaps the defining question of his presidency. In […]


Why is the corporate media taking China’s side on the origins of the virus and silencing President Trump?

By Bill Wilson The words “treason” and “traitor” are derived from the Latin tradere, “to deliver or hand over”.  In modern times, “traitor” and “treason” are mainly used with reference to a person helping an enemy in time of war or conflict.  From these it is crystal clear […]


Cartoon: Geezer Derby


Will Trump get a rally around the flag effect by fighting Chinese coronavirus? Ask seniors.

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump, the federal and state governments are leading an unprecedented nationwide response to the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, shutting down vast portions of the U.S. economy, closing schools and government offices, all to save the lives of seniors and those with underlying conditions […]


With teleworking in place, GOP state governors should modernize their governments and deal with public sector unions

By Richard McCarty State and local government agencies are shutting down or having workers telecommute in response to the Chinese coronavirus, and now it is the time for GOP governors and legislatures to modernize their governmental operations, not just survive. It should be a good time to […]


Cartoon: Bash and Grab


Globalization helped export China’s coronavirus. Never again.

By Bill Wilson In the current environment, something not seen in America in living memory, the fear and panic of the Chinese coronavirus make it near impossible to look ahead.  But while everyone who can is working on the “here and now,” it is vital that we […]

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