Cartoon: FISA Fox


Who will stand up to Soros and halt his campaign to elect soft-on-crime prosecutors?

By Richard McCarty Over the past several years, George Soros and other very wealthy liberals have been dumping millions of dollars into local district attorneys’ races all across the country. Why would out-of-touch billionaires be trying to buy district attorneys’ offices in localities where they do not […]


Cartoon: Eyes Wide Shut


Conservatives should stop blindly defending law enforcement, the clergy, and Big Business and examine the moral order of institutions

By Richard McCarty It is time for fine-brush conservatism. For too long, broad-brush conservatism has defended certain institutions — including law enforcement, the clergy, and Big Business — to the hilt without demanding too many facts. To be clear, these are institutions worthy of vigorous defense, but […]


Iranian terrorist general would still be dead under Senate resolution on use of force

By Robert Romano Iranian general Qasem Soleimani would still have been a legitimate military target in Iraq under a resolution proposed by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), that on the surface promises to limit the use of force but in reality simply accepts the status quo of U.S. forces […]


Cartoon: Mother Hen


Unjust Flynn sentencing is the last straw

By Rick Manning America’s eyes turned to Iraq and Iran over the past few days as President Trump made a bold decision to take out one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and faced down the Iranian government and their proxies at MSNBC, CNN, the Democratic Congress […]


House Democrats are still afraid to submit impeachment articles to the Senate

By Robert Romano “If the House ever musters the courage to stand behind their slapdash work product and transmit their impeachment to the Senate, it will be time for the United States Senate to fulfill our founding purpose. [But] [w]e can’t hold a trial without the articles. […]


Cartoon: Hole In One


Our educational industrial complex is broken, time to reform higher education and student loans

By Richard McCarty Our educational industrial complex is broken, and swift reform is needed. College costs continue to rise much faster than inflation, and too many students are plowing themselves into debt and wasting years of their lives pursuing pointless degrees. Upon leaving college, these students are […]

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