Robed resisters go to ground

By Richard McCarty Last fall, Chief Justice John Roberts asserted that “we do not have Obama judges” after President Donald Trump suggested that we did. While it is understandable that Roberts would like for the courts to be viewed as non-partisan, the fact of the matter is […]


What did Joe Biden know about the Russia collusion hoax and when did he know it?

By Robert Romano We’re already a few months into the Democratic nominating contest for president in 2020, early polls are coming in, and it appears that former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive frontrunner for the nomination to take on President Donald Trump in the general election. The […]


Cartoon: The Deep Snake


450 miles of wall by end of 2020, Army Corps reports to President Trump

By Robert Romano “Around Dec. 2020, the total amount of money we will have put in the ground in the last couple of years will be about 450 miles. That’s probably about $8 billion, in total about 33 projects.” That was Lt. Gen. Todd T. Semonite, Chief […]


Democrats demanding disclosure on Russia collusion hoax should be careful what they wish for

By Robert Romano When you boil it down, what Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are subpoenaing vis a vis Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and what President Donald Trump is calling to be declassified from the Justice Department’s three-year investigation first into the Trump campaign and […]


Cartoon: American Express


Time to shut down the southern border, Mr. President

By Robert Romano When even former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson from the Obama administration says there is a crisis at the border, you know it’s getting bad down there. “By anyone’s definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern […]


The Russiagate hoax has made the world a more dangerous place by undermining President Trump’s ability to defuse North Korea, China and Russia

By Robert Romano Thanks to the Russiagate hoax that sought to falsely frame President Donald Trump as being a Russian agent when he wasn’t, the world has undeniably become a more dangerous place, as America’s partners overseas have had to contend with the real possibility that Trump […]


Cartoon: Road Kill


Where are the sane Democrats emerging to denounce the Russia collusion hoax?

By Robert Romano Where are the sane Democrats emerging to denounce the Russia collusion hoax after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report to the Attorney General found no coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election? Admittedly, it is certainly hard for members of Congress who staked […]

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