Congress must exercise its Article I power, or it will be deemed irrelevant

By Printus LeBlanc When the framers created the government, it was split into three coequal branches; the Congressional, Executive, and Judicial branches. Articles I through III describe the duties, responsibilities, and powers assigned to each branch of the government. However, one of those branches seems to be […]


The time is now for civil service reform is now and Congress must act

By Natalia Castro Civil service reform is not a new idea; it has been promoted throughout history to give government employees greater protections and maintain the efficiency of government operations. But as reforms have occurred, they have consistently empowered unions and diminished the rights of individual workers. […]


Resist… Resist what?

C/O Conservativedailynews.com By Printus LeBlanc When President Donald Trump shocked the world and won the Presidency in 2016 something else equally shocking happened, an entire political party broke. The election of Trump broke the Democrat Party, and the “resistance” movement is proof. Almost every Hollywood star, Democrat politician, and […]


August recess cancellation right formula to get Senate back on track as 401 Senate confirmations pending, including 80 judges

By Robert Romano Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has cancelled the August recess , citing Senate Democrat obstructionism on federal judges. So far, since President Donald Trump took office, the Senate has confirmed just 39 of his nominees; 80 are now pending . That includes one Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, and 21 circuit […]


President Trump is proving his policy of maximum pressure is working

By Printus LeBlanc President Donald Trump is giving a clinic to the former Obama administration and those in the State Department on how to negotiate. The President walked away from the horrendous Iranian nuclear deal, confronted the North Korean regime, and challenged NATO to live up to […]


Janus decision could restore freedom to choose to opt out of public sector unions

By Natalia Castro The Supreme Court is just days away from deciding a case that will alter the status of state and local public sector unions in the United States. Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (Janus) will determine an employee’s ability to opt out of state and local union dues. Mark Janus challenged […]


In Stockton, Calif., crime does pay as Universal Basic Income goes into effect

By Printus LeBlanc Liberal progressive cities across the country are in dire straits. They are short on funds, high on unemployment and homelessness, and lack free market small government ideas. Stockton, Calif. is the latest progressive haven to push leftist ideas to solve problems it created. Stockton […]


Members of Congress cannot go around telling Blue Water Navy veterans they were exposed to Agent Orange and then do nothing about it

By Natalia Castro Nothing brings the American people together quite like honoring our veterans, and the same is true for Congress. Despite a polarizing political climate, Republicans and Democrats have consistently come together to put the care of our veterans first. While this trend on the surface […]


Trump Puts an End to Taxpayer Subsidies for Unions, Saving $100 Million

By Rick Manning Government employee unions have enjoyed an absolute boondoggle in recent years, receiving hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds. But the boon could soon be over thanks to a new executive order from President Donald Trump. Last Friday, the president signed an executive order requiring […]


Why are politicians adamant about protecting the animals in MS-13?

By Natalia Castro As Congress and the Executive Branch continue to focus on immigration reform, they must focus on MS-13. Liberal counties would have their residence believe the safety of these gang members must be prioritized over the safety of law-abiding citizens-this mentality has fueled the gang’s […]

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