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$3 Billion Tax Hike Defeated in Illinois

  • On: 07/20/2008 16:26:15
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  • A proposed constitutional amendment
    in Illinois by Democrats would have increased the State’s income tax from 3 to 6 percent for individuals or couples making over $250,000, a move which by its design would drive the wealthy out of the State.

    Of course it was probably drafted under the idea that taxation could never be too excessive, and that the tax base is somehow nailed to the ground, when one looks at what it was supposed to pay for:

    “[The amendment] would have directed the new money to three needs: Increasing school funding, creating a new statewide construction program and giving tax breaks of about $75 per person to more than 90 percent of Illinoisans.”

    This amendment was a classic case of class warfare, asking voters to adopt an amendment to their constitution which would give miniscule tax breaks to a majority of the populace while raising the tax burden on the wealthy and justifying it to pay for yet more government programs.

    Fortunately, the effort failed to get out the Illinois State House, not reaching the 71 votes necessary to get the amendment to the State Senate. Only 52 members voted in favor, with 60 opposed.

    Judging from this story, it is clear of the mentality of Democrats in Illinois’ State House (and across the country): they do not ever contemplate the economic ramifications of their tax and spend policies, which are always negative and promote recession.

    ALG Prediction:
    Class warfare antagonists were delivered a defeat here, but they will be back and ready to wreck the economies of States across the country.

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