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Citizens to D.C.: Over Our Dead Bodies!

  • On: 07/20/2008 12:55:39
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  • Two weeks, ALG News informed you of D.C.’s controversial and, unconstitutional Safe Homes Initiative regarding the Metropolitan Police Departments door-to-door sweep for guns. However, due to intense public outcry since our initial report, several welcome changes to this initiative have been implemented by both the MPD and the D.C. City Council.

    Under these new changes, D.C. residents will no longer be subject to random door-to-door searches for guns. Instead, they will have to call up the MPD and request that officers be sent to their homes to search for guns. Additionally, the start date for this initiative has been pushed back to mid-June – which will give the MPD more time to train officers on how to conduct these searches and more time to gather input from the Community.

    ALG CTA: The D.C. City Council’s Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary will be holding a public hearing on the Safe Homes Initiative today at 5 PM in the Fifth Floor Council Chambers of the John A. Wilson Building. If you are a resident of the D.C. Metro Area, you are urged to attend this hearing Monday and speak up in defense of your Constitutional rights. However, before you do so, you are encouraged to look over D.C.’s guide to Speaking at Public Hearings.

    Even though the hearing is today, if you are not a resident of the D.C. Metro Area, you can still make your voice heard by submitting written testimony to the following address:

    Secretary to the Council
    John A. Wilson Building
    1350 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
    Suite 5
    Washington, D.C. 20004

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