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07.01.2008 0

Johnny Sack in the Voting Booth?

  • On: 07/30/2008 12:40:17
  • In: Big Labor
  • Would you be able to confidently cast your vote on whether or not to organize a union at your workplace if the Sopranos’ intimidating Johnny Sack was looking over your shoulder?

    The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace doesn’t seem to think so. As reported by FOX Business, they have released a clever, new ad which demonstrates the danger of the proposal being considering in Congress, HR 800, which would take a worker’s right to a secret ballot away.

    ALG News has previously reported to you on the dangers of coercion and intimidation involved in the so-called card-check system both nationally and in Hawaii. Democrats proposing these measures are doing so solely to enable unions to more “efficiently” be organized.

    Well, duh. Without the protection of a secret ballot, workers can more “efficiently” be pressured into organizing a union without there being any debate at all in the open.

    And, then the Johnny Sack’s of the world can get on your case until you give into their demands to organize a union.

    ALG CTA: The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, composed of more than 500 associations and organizations in all 50 States, are uniting to protect all workers’ right to a secret ballot when deciding to organize a union. We call upon journalists across the nation to make their audiences aware of CDW’s new ad, and to encourage them to spread the word.

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