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Befuddled Media Invests in Kleenex

  • On: 10/20/2008 10:36:49
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  • In his blog on Thursday, befuddled CNN commentator Jack Cafferty posed the question, “Why isn’t Obama doing better in the polls?” This question comes in the wake of recent poll results which show that the 2008 presidential race is a whole lot closer than one might think.

    The recent national numbers have Senator Obama leading Senator McCain 47 percent to 44 percent among registered voters. Among likely voters, however, the numbers flip flop—much like the Illinois Senator himself. Under this scenario, McCain leads Obama 49 percent to 45 percent, reversing a 5-point advantage Obama once enjoyed in this category.

    The state by state races are narrowing as well. In Florida and Ohio, two critical battleground states, Obama has a statistically insignificant two-point lead over McCain. Obama’s margin in Pennsylvania has narrowed as well, dropping four whole points since June to a current seven-point lead.

    That being said, a dumbfounded Cafferty inquires the following:

    “It’s a mystery to many: why isn’t Barack Obama farther ahead in the polls?…It seems like Obama should be miles ahead of McCain when you consider the political climate. Americans can no longer stand President Bush, or the Republican Party, or the war in Iraq. And of course there’s the economy. Also, Obama has run a pretty flawless campaign – highlighted by that hugely successful trip overseas last week. John McCain, on the other hand spent last week making one mistake after another”

    I think Mr. Cafferty has already answered his own question.

    It is painfully clear from reading the aforementioned quote that Mr. Cafferty has completely bought the Obama product, hook, line, and sinker. He is practically drooling over the Illinois Senator, declaring his campaign to be “flawless” and his overseas trip to be “hugely successful”.

    Come again?

    If you think that Reverend Wright issues, speech plagiarism, ties to Bill Ayers, “bitter-gate”, habitual flip-flops, Rezko, and upsetting both leftwing and moderate Democrats constitutes a flawless campaign, then please show us a flawed one. Barack Obama’s campaign has been anything but flawless, and his “hugely successful” overseas tour ended up resembling more of a self-declared “President of the World” Kumbaya tour.

    Perhaps the reason why many in the mainstream media are so puzzled by the fact Obama can’t pass the 50 percent threshold in polls is that they themselves have been drinking a little too much of the “Change we can Believe In” Kool-Aid. In fact, they’ve practically gotten drunk off of the stuff.

    When people like Chris Matthews admit to getting a “thrill going up” his leg upon hearing Obama speak, something must be off. Similarly, when the presumed Democratic nominee announces his world-tour and the three top anchors of NBC, ABC, and CBS subsequently follow him about like rock star groupies, something is clearly amiss.

    Whether their adoration for Obama is calculated or not, the mainstream media can’t seem to understand that the message of Obama is simply not resonating with the American people to the degree they think it should.

    Upon examining the facts at hand, it really is not all that surprising that Obama’s numbers aren’t higher. In fact, it’s a no-brainer. One merely needs to point to his resume—or lack thereof—to get a good start. His circle of friends isn’t too impressive either. Most of all, however, the Democrat’s very words themselves clearly denote a borderline Marxist philosophy.

    The golden-boy messianic public perception of the savior from Chicago is clearly wearing off—that is, of course, if it was ever there in the first place.

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