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Day 56: Although the Battle is Won, the War is far from Over

  • On: 10/23/2008 10:10:02
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • Congressional Democrats have finally acquiesced with regard to the Federal ban on Atlantic and Pacific coast drilling. According to the Associated Press, the looming October 1st expiration of the offshore drilling moratorium will be met with halfhearted approval by Democrats—the party once fervently opposed to increased coastal energy exploration.

    In a report based on top Capitol Hill sources, ALG News Bureau revealed last Friday that Congressional Democrats would indeed be backing off any attempts to reauthorize the moratorium on drilling. Yesterday’s Associated Press article confirms ALG’s previous report on the matter.

    This latest development from Capitol Hill marks a significant victory in the campaign for energy independence. The threat of a Republican filibuster in the Senate, President Bush’s promise to veto any sham energy bill, and the staggering pro-drilling poll numbers were warning enough for Democrats who had sought to revive the moratorium.

    Congressional Democrats clearly understand that they cannot win the drilling battle under the current political power structures.

    That being said, Democrats are hopeful that a more favorable power structure may be just around the corner.

    According to the Associated Press report, a hopeful Democratic leadership has its sights set on 2009 as the year in which broad energy legislation—coupled with extensive offshore drilling limitations—could live to become law. They foresee both Democratic gains in Congress and an Obama administration acting in accordance with their anti-drilling, environmentalist agenda.

    As Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), remarked:

    “The White House has made it clear they will not accept anything with a drilling moratorium, and Democrats know we cannot afford to shut down the government over this…We look forward to working with the next president to hammer out a final resolution of this issue.”

    Conversely, under a McCain presidency, increasing offshore drilling and oil shale exploration in parts of the western United States would be a top priority. As ALG News Bureau reported Monday, it is also likely that as President, John McCain would alter his stance with regard to Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and give executive approval to drilling there.

    For Democrats intent on stopping domestic drilling, an Obama presidency is absolutely vital. Nevertheless, confident Democrats have decided to cut their losses and bide their time.

    At this point in the Republicans’ struggle for energy independence, it is imperative for President Bush to do all he possibly can to push drilling forward before his term ends on January 20th, 2009. Although the moratorium will expire soon, it does not ensure that offshore drilling will subsequently commence.

    On October 1st, President Bush must immediately exercise his executive authority to spur the Interior Department to issue leases for oil companies to begin drilling in the newly available offshore sites. This volatile issue must be seized upon while the opportunity still stands.

    For Republicans in Washington to abandon their vigilance would be a mistake. The window for offshore energy exploration will open on October 1st—and could very well close again come January 20th.

    President Bush has a golden opportunity to serve the American people and bolster his legacy in this final hour of his presidency. He must act now while time is short.

    While the prospects for victory in Iraq look better by the day, President Bush can also guarantee the American people a victory in the war for energy independence.

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