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EDITORIAL: Still time to veto

  • On: 10/14/2008 12:39:24
  • In: Fiscal Responsibility
  • Monday, June 23, 2008

    The Times-Picayune


    “The Louisiana Legislature adjourns today. Gov. Bobby Jindal should mark the occasion by vetoing the session’s most offensive and self-centered legislation: the 123-percent pay raise lawmakers gave themselves.


    “It won’t be easy for him. He’s said repeatedly that he won’t veto the measure, and if he does now, he will have misled lawmakers. But if he doesn’t veto it, he will have misled voters, breaking an unambiguous promise he made on the campaign trail to “prohibit” raises such as this.


    “Perhaps Gov. Jindal will do right by voters if a few more call him with their objections to the pay raise.


    “Contact him by e-mail through the “Interact” menu on his Web site, www.gov.louisiana.gov, by calling (225) 342-7015 or toll free at (866) 366-1121.”

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