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Green and Bear It

  • On: 10/22/2008 15:40:00
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • Environmentalists have recently found themselves in the middle of a confounding green-conscious conundrum.

    While Greens across the world proclaim that Global Warming is killing off the precious polar bears, it is now evident that the so-called “environmentally-safe” technology of Wind Power is threatening the polar bears’ less-popular cousins in Vermont.

    According to the Burlington Free Press, black bear populations along two remote ridgelines in southern Vermont would be killed off should the state decide to give the green light to 17 new wind turbines. The construction of said turbines in the region would require the cutting down of hundreds of beech trees, the main source of food for the black bears. As the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, a group in opposition to the project, said:

    “The proposed project construction and other associated human activities represents a potentially huge adverse impact to the black bears and their habitat at a level far above any that ANR has ever allowed to be permitted.”

    Simply put, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, curb global warming, and save the polar bears, black bears in Vermont must be sacrificed. Apparently the planet’s destruction is good for the planet.

    The irony here is almost un“bear”able.

    While the “evidence” that “man-made” global warming is killing off polar bears is completely false, it is now painfully evident that Green technology will certainly kill black bears. In an effort to save the planet, the Greens are doing just the opposite.

    For the Al Gore and the Greens, the vague and nebulous “cause” of global warming prevention has superseded everything, including the immediate health of black bears. In fact, the global warming paranoia has also superseded truth.

    As mentioned earlier, the save-the-polar-bear-from-global-warming movement is completely inane and factually inaccurate. While greens will show you a picture of a lonesome polar bear drifting helplessly on a melting iceberg, what they won’t show you are the polar bears in the Davis Strait area of Canada’s eastern arctic—a population that has skyrocketed from 850 in the mid-1980s to 2,100 in 2007.

    They also won’t show you the caribou population near Prudhoe Bay immediately west of the ANWR coastal plain. While environmentalists decry oil-exploration and drilling as environmentally destructive, the Prudhoe Bay caribou would beg to differ. Former U.S. secretary of the interior and former Alaska Governor Walter Hickel had the following to say:

    “That herd has not only survived, but flourished. In 1977, as the Prudhoe region started delivering oil to America’s southern 48 states, the Central Arctic caribou herd numbered 6,000; it has since grown to 27,128.”

    It appears that the warmth generated by pipelines in the region attract the caribou and encourage population growth. Now that’s an inconvenient truth for Mr. Gore and the rest.

    Something is clearly amiss when the “eco-unfriendly” technology promotes growth among wildlife populations and “eco-friendly” technology does the opposite. Although taking a while, the inherent hypocrisy surrounding the green movement is slowly being revealed for what it is.

    The bears bear witness.

    In the meantime, however, the environmentalists will sacrifice more black bears on the altar of environmentalism. In times like these one must just green and bear it.

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