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North American Parliament?

  • On: 10/09/2008 17:17:56
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  • For the past 6 years, the North American Forum on Integration (NAFI) has hosted a mock North American Parliament, or Triumvirate, in which college students are encouraged to “simulate a parliamentary meeting between North American political actors.” While the concept of hosting a conference for a fictional legislature may seem innocuous in and of itself, the intentions of the decidedly globalist sponsors are far less than subtle.

    On its website, NAFI explicitly states:

    “On a general basis, the objectives of NAFI are:

    • “Making the academic world, the public and decision-makers aware of the challenges posed by integration between the three NAFTA countries;
    • “Identifying the elements of the North American agenda which would allow the consolidation and reinforcement of the North American region;
    • “Favouring the creation of North American networks to set the basis for a trilateral dialogue.”

    Additionally, a number of the leaders heavily involved in the mock parliament project have made surprisingly revealing remarks radically supportive of integrating the US, Canada, and Mexico. So much for national sovereignty.

    As can be seen, the inherent problem with this “Triumvarate” is that it openly encourages the support of collectivism among the youth. Clearly, the intention is to convince the youthful leaders to support consolidation—be it on the issues of health care, education, or other social services—and then take the message home to their peers.

    Should the Triumverate succeed in its goal, the already thin line of sovereignty will have been breached. And, American taxpayers will have even less control over how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent, or even whether or not their values are upheld, once the goal of “harmonizing” the three countries into one collectivistic, “mutually-beneficial” utopia is realized.

    Sadly, this is not the only case of globalization indoctrination slipping into the “education” realm. In 2006, Harvard Law School announced that it would be requiring first-year students to take courses in international law. The law school stated:

    From the beginning of law school, students should learn to locate what they are learning about public and private law in the United States within the context of a larger universe – global networks of economic regulation and private ordering, public systems created through multilateral relations among states, and different and widely varying legal cultures and systems.

    The most disturbing aspect of this development is the fact that courts could cite international law – as the Supreme Court now has on more than one occasion – instead of strictly relying on US constitutional law as a framework for legal decisions. The citizens could essentially lose all governmental power, as the non-elected courts turn into one-world tribunals, picking and choosing which sections of broad, socialist international law to apply as they strike down the laws passed in the elected legislatures in the United States. At that point, all traces of US sovereignty will have evaporated.

    The slow academic push for globalization appears to already be making inroads, as shown by a 2004 poll in which 68% of Americans stated that globalization – resulting in “new ideas” and “positive influences” – has had a constructive impact upon the country.

    And, if that and the Triumverate’s indoctrination continues, we can all look forward to being mindless automations barely subsisting in the United States of Canico.

    ALG Perspective: A pipeline rupture is much easier to spot than a steady drip. But left over the long haul, the drip can be just as damaging.

    The slow advance of collectivism should raise concerns among patriotic citizens, as those who spend our money will become one more level removed from us, the American taxpayer. Grassroots change in government will become much more difficult to implement, while government regulation will become much easier to generate. With courts relying on international law when handing down decisions, elected officials themselves will have far less power than before, as will the citizens who elected them.

    If our nation loses its sovereignty, it will not be because of black helicopters and secret conspiracies; it will happen right in front of us, in our college campuses, and community centers.

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