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NYer’s: No More Taxes

  • On: 10/21/2008 21:24:35
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  • Even the residents of one our nation’s most cobalt blue state have seen the light on taxes.

    According to a Siena College survey, 80 percent of New York Voters believe the solution to New York’s fiscal slump is decreased spending rather than increased taxation. Of New York City voters specifically, the number of those favoring lower taxes remains at a high 77 percent.

    The New York Post commented on this new data, mentioning:

    “New Yorkers to state lawmakers: Cut spending and don’t dare raise taxes!

    “That’s the clear message being delivered by a massive majority of voters as the Legislature convenes today for a special session called by Gov. Paterson to deal with a ballooning state deficit, a new poll yesterday showed.”

    It fast becoming clear that issues regarding fiscal responsibility, burdensome taxes, and free market growth are transcending party lines—as they should be. Simply put, this is not a partisan issue at all. Consider the following statement in the New York Post piece:

    “Support for spending cuts over tax hikes was strong in all regions of the state as well as among all racial groups.”

    The people’s will couldn’t be clearer: When it comes to money and its best use, the people are realizing—some sooner than others—that the people’s dollars are most effectively used by the people themselves. It should be a no-brainer.

    Even the Democrat Governor of New York, David Paterson, has emerged as a stalwart crusader of fiscal responsibility. Slashing spending, proposing tax caps, and vetoing bad bills are just a number of ways that the governor has made his intentions clear—and stepped on the legislature’s toes. Most important of all, however, is that the people appear to be listening and responding.

    New Yorkers are understanding that it would be harmful for the government to kick the economy while it’s down. Any new taxes would undoubtedly accomplish only that. For the people of New York, the free market, as directed by the will of buyers and sellers, is the most effective venue for money-flow. The best way to help the economy is to let the people keep—and spend—it.

    If Governor Paterson—and the blue state he represents—can learn this simple truth, isn’t it time the rest of the country and its leaders did the same?


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