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Orphans of the Corn

  • On: 10/02/2008 16:34:07
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  •     “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

    Everything the Greens touch may be turning red. Blood red. Like the Pharaoh Ramesses of old, Congress is bringing plague after plague upon itself. And mankind.

    In the past, the Greens have opposed more nuclear energy, more oil exploration, more gasoline refineries, more natural gas exploration – in short, more energy production. They have placed what they perceive as the Mother Earth’s climatic interests above mankind’s economic interests. And this has resulted in considerably higher energy costs in the past two decades.

    Now they’ve turned their malevolent gaze towards agriculture. As food prices have rocketed – going up 83 percent in three years according to the World Bank – a global food crisis has emerged, threatening the stability of more than 33 nations and worldwide starvation. (See ALG News’ “Biofuels and Inflation Driving Up Food Prices Worldwide”.)

    The jury’s no longer out – it is in, and the proponents of biofuels are to blame. Billed as an alternative to fossil fuels, biofuels are nothing short of an unmitigated catastrophe as Congress has mandated their usage and is subsidizing their production to the peril of the developing world, and our own food supplies. And yet, the callous, perilous cadre of the obtuse and uneducable Green Machine continue demanding “Food for Oil” – even as the death toll mounts. In short, the insanity continues unabated.

    This artificial creation of demand has led to supply disruptions of not just corn, but also other agricultural staples like wheat and rice. And this in turn has caused the prices for food to go through the roof. Food riots are occurring all over the world, and it has even led to the government of Haiti collapsing. It was called a “crime against humanity” by UN expert Jean Ziegler in 2007.

    Thus far, there have been calls from free market advocates to bring an end to the Federal mandate and subsidies. For Ziegler’s part, he believes that a five-year moratorium on biofuel production worldwide should occur to halt “the growing catastrophe of the massacre [by] hunger in the world.”

    These developments globally have to be source of no uncertain embarrassment for the White House, which was pushing hard for biofuels. ALG News shall be charitable in this case. Anyone can make a mistake. But to not admit that mistake despite the real and devastating consequences is when the breach becomes insidious.

    This failed policy has brought a terrible plague upon the world, and it is up to the Federal government to reverse course and cease doing the same thing over and over again – when the same results are ever more Oprhans of the Corn.

    ALG Perspective: President Bush needs to come forward to call for an end to the Federal mandate for biofuels, as well as ending the subsidies for biofuel production. This Green insanity needs to come to an end. If high prices and starvation are all Green policies will bring us, we’ll take the carbon footprint and walk away with our heads held high, thank you very much. (Editor’s note: The above cartoon by William Warren is a service provided free by ALG News Syndication. Please feel free to use as you wish.

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