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The Kilpatrick Era Ends

  • On: 10/22/2008 12:17:57
  • In: Government Transparency

  • One of the most corrupt eras in Detroit city politics is coming to a close—finally. Mayor Kwame Kilpatirck is finally realizing the consequences of the abuses of power committed by him and his cohorts. Mr. Kilpatrick, most known for his tendencies to wind up in bad situations, is resigning as Mayor within the next two weeks.

    His reign over Detroit has highlighted what happens when there is one party rule. The people at the top are able to reign over those below them and keep buying their terms in office. In Kilpatrick’s case, he bought off whoever got in his way from police officers to witnesses of his crimes. If there was any competition for party control in Detroit it would have been much harder for him to get away with such malfeasance.

    Mr. Kilpatrick had no competition at the top. He misused the city credit cards to live a life of luxury, bought an SUV for his wife paid for by the taxpayers, held parties at the mayor’s mansion that were notoriously wild (including strippers), and the list goes on. He was known as the “Hip-Hop” Mayor, a title that defined his leadership style.

    Even after all of his corruption being aired, people still stand by his side. Barack Obama recently said that Mr. Kilpatrick has been a “good” Mayor for Detroit. That is, only if you think that corruption and misuse of city money is a good form of leadership. Mr. Obama was fully aware of the situation in Detroit that has been dragged out over the last several months and still made a statement in Mr. Kilpatrick’s defense. Mr. Kilpatrick has highlighted for all of America what not to do when serving in public office.

    The situation in Detroit should show the damages that result from one party rule. Everyone involved becomes corrupt and the only remedy is throwing the corrupt politicians out. The citizens of Detroit have a chance now to remedy this bad situation and return a good government back to the city. Mr. Kilpatrick serves as an example to all for the dangers and consequences of one party control.

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