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Trick or Treat

  • On: 10/09/2008 15:56:12
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  • “Trick or Treat” just took on a whole new meaning – thanks to marauding bands of U.N. rapists now preying upon the very children they were sent to protect.

    In fact, next October when little Johnny and Jane come to your door collecting nickels and dimes for UNICEF, you might want to pause long enough to think about a report just issued by Save the Children UK. According to USA Today:

    “The report, based on field research in southern Sudan, Ivory Coast, and Haiti, describes a litany of sexual crimes against children as young as 6.

    “It said some children were denied food aid unless they granted sexual favors; others were forced to have sex or take part in child pornography; many more were subjected to improper touching or kissing.”

    And that, my friends, is what’s known as a disease that’s worse than the cure.

    Over the years, we have grown used to U.N. “peacekeepers” providing their vehicles to transport terrorists – and they did for Hamas in Ramallah. We’ve grown immune to their providing cover for rampaging armies – as they did for Hezbollah in Lebanon. And we’ve even become accustomed to their standing by, hands in pockets, while the innocents are tortured and slaughtered – as they did in Rwanda and do daily in Darfur.

    But, now, we learn that these blue-helmeted predators have taken their perversity a step beyond even the worst that most of us could possibly have imagined. Apparently not satisfied simply to aid and abet the bloodthirsty guttersnipes who prey upon the innocent, the U.N. “peacekeepers” have now decided to join in the “fun.”

    “It ranges from sex for food to coerced sex,” says Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive of Save the Children UK, adding, “It’s despicable.”

    Well, that’s one word for it. But not, unfortunately the word, or words, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon chose to describe the rape and plunder by his roving bands of elite employees. Ensconced in the U.N.’s plush Turtle Bay headquarters overlooking the scenic East River, Mr. Ki-moon, the Associated press tells us, took time out from his busy schedule wining and dining to express “deep concern” for the tortured children. That’s “deep concern,” as in “ho-hum.”

    Now, “deep concern” may be something Mr. Ki-moon should rightly express about a plague of leaf-eating mites munching away on the U.N.’s lush green gardens. And “deep concern” might be appropriate for a shortage of compact car spaces in the U.N.’s fee-free parking lots. And, perhaps, “deep concern” might even be an apt reaction to a change in the shape or size of an unsightly mole on the U.N. Secretary-General’s ample posterior.

    But one would certainly hope for a little more than “deep concern” over a report that his minions are wreaking havoc in three different countries by sexually molesting little boys and girls as young as six years of age.

    Tragically, however, “deep concern” is all the U.N. cares to spare at the moment. And, they’ve made it entirely clear that’s about as much as they’re going to spare in the future, too.

    Here, in fact, are the steps U.N. spokesperson Michele Montas says the Secretary-General has agreed to take to try to range in his rape brigades: (1) establish conduct and discipline units in all U.N. missions, (2) strengthen training for all categories of U.N. personnel, and (3) strengthen the U.N.’s investigative capacity.
    Perhaps, Mr. Ki-moon should also add that, henceforth, all Requests to Rape must be filed in triplicate with the proper U.N. “peacekeeping” authorities not less than three days before said rape is to be undertaken. And, no exceptions will be allowed.

    Notice that Mr. Ki-moon’s U.N. spokeswoman says nothing about identifying the miscreant thugs who “denied food aid [to children] unless they granted sexual favors.” And notice she says nothing about apprehending the perverts who forced children “to have sex or take part in child pornography.”

    Apparently, the Secretary-General’s “deep concern” doesn’t extend to the point of actually taking such decisive action as punishing the perpetrators – or, for that matter, preventing further rapes and exploitation.

    And, as such, the whole sordid episode serves as a microcosm for all that the U.N. has ever been, or will likely become. “Deep concern” doesn’t forestall wars – or win those already waged. “Deep concern” doesn’t protect the innocent. And “deep concern” certainly doesn’t punish evil or prevent evildoers from continuing to prey on all who fall within their vile purview.

    So, next Halloween, when your neighborhood children come to the door to Trick or Treat, by all means, give them the candy, apples, or other assorted goodies you normally hand out. But, instead of giving your nickels and dimes to UNICEF, send them, instead, to Save the Children – in hopes of preventing the tricks Mr. Ki-moon’s troops will continue to turn and possibly treating the children suffering the lifelong wounds Mr. Ki-moon’s “deep concern” fails to prevent.

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