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Trying to Secretly Sink Term Limits

  • On: 10/16/2008 12:05:47
  • In: Term Limits
  • No matter what, it seems inevitable that regardless of how “honest” and “trustworthy” politicians profess to be as candidates, by the time they get into office, the power-grabbing begins.

    This is especially the case with Rep. Mark Meadows (D-East Lansing). During his tenure, he has been notorious for various nanny government initiatives, such as banning smoking in all restaurants and invading personal matters such as how long one may leave one’s child in a car. Most recently, he has been attempting to blackmail the Michigan voters by thinly veiling a term-limits bill as a spending cut.

    He has cleverly hidden a clause about the elimination of term limits within a bill that would lower the salaries of legislators from $79,650.00 to $60,000.00. Although this “wold in sheep’s clothing” bill appears at first to be a spending decrease, overall it will increase spending!

    According to U.S. Term Limits president, Phil Blumel, Mr. Meadows logic is as follows: “We’ll rip off a little less of your money in one lump sum if you’ll agree to let us keep ripping you off forever.” This conspiracy to change a law which was passed with 60% of the popular vote is an obvious attempt to seize power from the Michigan voters and use it for his own benefit.

    Rep. Mark Meadows is on a rampage to take the most basic rights away from the voters as he sees fit. In short, if all that protecting term limits did was cut short his aspirations, good enough!

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