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What Washington is Really Up To

  • On: 10/23/2008 11:27:10
  • In: Economy
  • “[House Majority Whip] Clyburn was not whipping the votes you would have expected him to, in part because he was uncomfortable doing it, in part because we didn’t want the push for votes to be successful. All we needed was enough to potentially get us over the finish line, but we wanted the Republicans to be the ones to do it. This was not going to be a Democrat-passed bill if the Speaker had anything to say about it.”—Democrat leadership aide, “Democrat Leaders Played to Lose,” The American Spectator, September 30th, 2008.

    Nancy Pelosi has set the American economy on the fast track to the Welfare State. The more it tanks, the more she and Congressional Democrats believe it will benefit them politically. And that will enable them to implement their socialist agenda.

    So, will one lonely politician please stand up and tell the truth?

    The truth is: Nancy Pelosi engineered the defeat of the bailout bill because she believed it would hurt the economy and therefore benefit Democrats politically. This is nothing short of high treachery. And it must be exposed for the cynical political ploy it was and is.

    Of course, it is intended to expand the Democrat congressional majority and put Barack Obama in the White House. But really, it’s even worse than that. Ultimately, the goal of Democrats is to foist yet more Big Government on the American people. In this case, to nationalize the banking industry. Which, of course, is their solution to every ill that befalls the nation (even if Big Government, itself, is the root cause).

    Oil prices too high? Nationalize the oil industry. Not enough homeowners? Nationalize the mortgage industry. Not enough college students? Nationalize the student loan industry. Not enough health care? Nationalize health insurance. You get the picture. And it isn’t very pretty.

    With the $700 billion socialization of troubled mortgage assets, Democrats want to pass the bill and complete their takeover. But as is proven by the above quote, they want political cover from Republicans to get it done. They know it’s highly unpopular. So, they turn to subterfuge. And if that subterfuge is as cynical as it is destructive, well, as Democrat icon Tip O’Neill was fond of saying, “Politics ain’t beanbags.”

    Of utmost concern to them is that they really want the government to control the mortgage industry—and everything else in sight. They want Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to stay nationalized. They want to keep the loose lending standards of the Community Reinvestment Act and the 1995 Clinton administration regulations. Their solution for every economic hiccup is to expand government’s power and scope.

    They also know that their socialist agenda is more politically palatable if the economy is in recession or depression.

    And so, all they needed to do was engineer a market collapse.

    The $700 billion bailout vote provided just the opportunity they perceived was necessary. It is no accident that the bill was voted on Monday afternoon at the height of market trading on Wall Street. Once the word was out that the bill had failed—after the market had been falsely led to believe that it was a fait accompli—of course, the traders were going to sell off.

    Which is exactly what the cynical Democrats wanted. They want to the economy to tank so that they gain enough political power to enact their socialist, economic nationalization policies in short order. It is high treachery, and it must be exposed. After all, if Americans are to continue down the road to serfdom, they at least have the right to know.

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