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Whistleblowing ACORN

  • On: 10/31/2008 11:02:20
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  • By William Warren

    ACORN’s ubiquitous voter fraud is proving Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama to be nothing more than a fraud himself. The fact that few in the media have paid this issue much attention is troubling for any and all who value democracy and the tradition of the fair vote.
    At least someone is noticing.

    In a revealing article published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, John Fund exposes the concerted efforts on behalf of ACORN to not only pursue rampant voter registration fraud, but also to habitually lay the blame—when caught, of course—on its lowest-level employees.

    As the article details, former ACORN worker Anita MonCrief and others have blown the whistle on their former employer for a host of disconcerting practices and a trend of corruption.

    This includes encouraging and then turning a blind eye to registration fraud, business intimidation, deceptive fund-raising, and passing the blame around like a hot potato. As Mr. Fund details:

    “‘Acorn needs a full forensic audit,’ Ms. MonCrief says, though she doesn’t think that’s likely. ‘Everyone wants to paper things over until later,’ she says. ‘But it may be too late to reform Acorn then.’…

    “Acorn insists it operates with strict quality controls, turning in, as required by law, all registration forms ‘even if the name on them was Donald Duck,’ as Wade Rathke told me two years ago. Acorn whistleblowers tell a different story.

    “‘There’s no quality control on purpose, no checks and balances,’ says Nate Toler, who worked until 2006 as the head organizer of an Acorn campaign against Wal-Mart in California. And Ms. MonCrief says it is longstanding practice to blame bogus registrations on lower-level employees who then often face criminal charges, a practice she says Acorn internally calls ‘throwing folks under the bus.’”

    These latest allegations from former ACORN employees, especially that of Ms. MonCrief, serve to reinforce ACORN’s troubling trend of corruption and subsequent cover up as ALG News has previously reported.

    This reality bears considerable significance given the fact that both ACORN and Barack Obama have serious interest vested in one another.

    Although Mr. Obama has denied his close relationship with ACORN—much like has with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, and a host of other nefarious individuals—the ties are plain and evident. Aside from Mr. Obama’s 1992 work on ACORN’s Project Vote, his legal representation of ACORN in 1995, and the staggering $832,598.29 he paid to Project Vote this year, Mr. Fund now reveals personal testimony from within ACORN bearing witness to the Obama-ACORN affiliation:

    “Ms. MonCrief testified that in November 2007 Project Vote development director Karyn Gillette told her she had direct contact with the Obama campaign and had obtained their donor lists. Ms. MonCrief also testified she was given a spreadsheet to use in cultivating Obama donors who had maxed out on donations to the candidate, but who could contribute to voter registration efforts…

    “She says that when she had trouble with what appeared to be duplicate names on the list, Ms. Gillette told her she would talk with the Obama campaign and get a better version.”

    Enough is enough. ACORN’s rampant nationwide fraudulent voter registration in which Mr. Obama is complicit has gone too far. This should be viewed as nothing less than a well-organized, nationwide scheme to steal the election and corrupt the ballot box. Americans cannot and should not tolerate such an unashamed, vile and longstanding violation of one of this country’s greatest treasures: democracy.

    It’s time for ACORN to be brought up on RICO charges. RICO, or Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is used to punish an enterprise or organization guilty of engaging in a long-term pattern of criminal activity and racketeering. This includes but is not limited to crimes across state lines, bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, bribery, extortion, loan sharking, and more.

    Certainly these latest cases of ongoing voter fraud, cover up and passing the blame are merely the tip of the ACORN iceberg. America deserves an explanation and soon. Corrupt criminal organizations like ACORN need to be brought down before the same is done to this country.

    With the election mere days away, state and local law enforcement need to guarantee that the sanctity of the ballot box will be protected. It can start with ACORN.

    ACORN’s rampant voter fraud on behalf of Barack Obama must be stopped. If not, American democracy will become nothing more than a fraud itself, and a fair vote will soon become a distant memory.

    William Warren is a contributing editor of ALG News Bureau.

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