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Will Virginia Republicans Vote in Favor of a $1 Billion Tax Increase?

  • On: 10/14/2008 11:51:56
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  • After Virginia’s Supreme Court ruled that the State’s regional taxing authorities to fund transportation projects in congested areas like Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads area were unconstitutional because they circumvented the State’s requirement of legislative approval for tax increases, debate has again stirred in Richmond over the best way to pay for transportation.

    Governor Tim Kaine, a Democrat, has recently proposed raising Virginia taxes by $1 billion in order to fix what he says is an “aging infrastructure.”

    However, he is meeting opposition by Republicans in the State’s House of Delegates:

    “Republicans who control the House of Delegates said they would act quickly to defeat a statewide tax increase, perhaps as early as Monday or Tuesday, when the Finance Committee is scheduled to review it.

    “House Republicans want an independent audit of how the Virginia Department of Transportation is spending tax dollars.

    “‘House Republicans want to make sure government is functioning properly before even considering asking for more money from hardworking families,’ said Del. Samuel A. Nixon Jr. (R-Chesterfield).”

    Included in Governor Kaine’s tax increases are vehicle sales taxes, increased registration fees, and regional sales taxes for Northern Virginia and Hamptons Roads:

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