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A Grateful Nation Pauses to Remember

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  • “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”—Winston Churchill, August 20th, 1940.

    On this Veterans Day, November 11, 2008, ALG News honors all Americans who have served their country in uniform. We salute the more than 43 million men and women who have served during times of war. And we bow in humble gratitude to the 650,000 who have given the last full measure of devotion so that this “one nation, under God,” can live at peace “with liberty and justice for all.”

    But, particularly at this critical juncture in American history, as the War in Iraq draws to a close and the brave young troops who have served so well face the final order to “Stand down,” we honor the 3090 American soldiers who gave their lives for a final victory well won.

    Rarely before in American history have troops under fire fought with such valor while enduring such duress from a political elite. Never before have they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat while facing such withering fire from those who sent them into harm’s way. Yet, they never flinched or faltered. They never wearied or waned.

    And, in the end, they won the war.

    Today, thanks to the enduring sacrifice of all who fought for Iraqi freedom – and the ultimate sacrifice of those who died so that others may live in liberty – Iraq has joined the community of democratic nations. It has held free and open elections at the national level and within its municipalities and tiniest of towns. The Iraqi government has met all but two of the benchmarks Democrats trumpeted as proof of defeat just six short months ago. The marketplaces have reopened to festive crowds. And the classrooms are crowded as never before.

    Have all the spears been beaten into pruning hooks, and the swords into plowshares? No, and the lion has not yet lain down with the lamb. But, thanks to America’s fighting men and women, where once terrorism thrived, hope has survived. And where once tyranny reigned, freedom rings.

    As war correspondent par excellence Michael Yon recently wrote, “A fair-minded person could say with reasonable certainty that the war has ended. A new and better nation is growing legs. What’s left is messy politics that likely will be punctuated by low-level violence and the occasional spectacular attack. Yet, the Iraq War is over. We won. Which means the Iraqi people won.”

    And so, today, while honoring all Americans who have served in uniform, we especially honor the more than 1.5 million soldiers who have fought – and won – the War in Iraq. And we pay particular tribute to the 3090 from whose lifeblood flow the rivers of freedom throughout Iraq. “Never in the field of human conflict have so many owed so much to so few.” And today, a grateful nation pauses to remember.

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