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Obama’s 27-year-old whizz kid speechwriter ‘dating former Maxim model who is now a White House aide’

  • On: 01/27/2009 10:15:59
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: From ALG News’ “It’s-Nice-to-Know-the-Country-is-in-Good-Hands File,” the following featured commentary explores the Obama Administration’s unique new hiring standards:

    By Mail Foreign Service

    Last updated at 6:22 PM on 26th January 2009

    He is said to work 16 hours a day and and was unable to get a date during the presidential campaign.

    But now Barack Obama’s 27-year-old speechwriter, Jon Favreau, is dating a former Maxim model and actress who is working with him at the White House.

    Ali Campoverdi stripped off for Maxim in 2004 – and told the men’s magazine that she was looking for a man who was ‘passionate’ about something.

    Political glamour couple: Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, left, is believed to be dating former Maxim model Ali Campoverdi, right.

    ‘I don’t care if it’s your job or your hobby or your shoes,’ she said at the time. ‘Something has to make you tick; something has to make you move.’

    Ms Campoverdi is now an aide to a White House deputy chief of staff, American media outlets said.

    But she has previously appeared American reality shows – including the dating show For Love or Money, where she was a ‘million-dollar girl’.

    Ali Campoverdi on the night of Mr Obama’s inauguration

    The California native also appeared as a vampire hunted by Keanu Reeves in Constantine and was a finalist for the American version of The Apprentice with Donald Trump.

    The relationship is evidence of Mr Favreau’s newfound status as a political sex symbol – but during Mr Obama’s presidential run, he was not so lucky.

    Talking to the New York Times last year, Mr Favreau observed somewhat dryly that ‘the rigours of this campaign have prevented any sort of serious relationship.’

    But as Mr Obama’s star has risen, so it appears has Mr Favreau’s.

    Aged just 27, he is the youngest chief speechwriter on record at the White House.

    Mr Favreau – or Favs to friends – was spotted by Mr Obama while working for John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

    The Illinois senator was running over his lines when Mr Favreau interrupted him to suggest one that rhymed.

    He is now one of Mr Obama’s most trusted aides and wrote the Iowa victory speech that launched Mr Obama towards the White House and coined the phrase, ‘yes we can’.

    ‘Barack trusts him,’ said David Axelrod, Mr Obama’s top adviser, ‘and Barack doesn’t trust too many folks with that – the notion of surrendering that much authority over his own words.’

    Mr Obama’s chief speechwriter since 2007, Mr Favreau works up to 16 hours a day on speeches throughout the country.

    He is often to be seen working in the early hours, fuelled on double espresso and cans of Red Bull energy drink.

    Mr Favreau has attracted a big following but his reputation took a blow when a photo emerged last December showing him drunkenly groping a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton at a Thanksgiving party and he was forced to apologise.

    Mr. Favreau said that when he is writing, he stays up until 3 am and gets up as early as 5. He hasn’t slept for more than six hours in as long as he can remember, he told the New York Times.

    Whether the feisty Ms Campoverdi will be happy with his workaholic habits remains to be seen.
    Regarding her run at The Apprentice, she told Maxim: ‘Yeah – I would’ve kicked ass on that show! Go ahead and call me, Trump!’

    She also told the magazine that ‘Anyone who says they don’t have a dark side is lying or just not interesting.’

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