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04.30.2009 0

Editorial: Time for Nancy Pelosi to Step Down

  • On: 05/26/2009 12:27:40
  • In: Hard Left
  • On Friday, May 22, 12 top conservative leaders, including former Attorney General Edwin Meese, sent a bold letter to Nancy Pelosi demanding one thing and one thing alone: her resignation from her dishonored post as Speaker of the House. As the letter reads:

    “When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accuses the intelligence community of lying, more is at stake than what she was told, who briefed her, or even the substance of the briefings she had with the CIA. Speaker Pelosi is endangering the national security interests of the United States.

    “Speaker Pelosi has chosen to politicize the CIA and to demoralize its employees in order to take one more parting shot at the Bush administration, and to try to distract the public from her potentially career-ending exercise of bad judgment. By politicizing the intelligence community, Speaker Pelosi is reviving one of Washington’s most tired and ugly old ways.”

    Mrs. Pelosi’s charade on Capitol Hill has gone far enough. What began as a self-righteous political ploy to display her supposed moral high ground on the “torture” issue has turned into a tortured chimera of empty words and ugly accusations.

    Mrs. Pelosi has repugnantly showcased all that is wrong with Washington politics as usual.

    As the 12 conservative leaders point out, Speaker Pelosi’s words have not only disqualified her from her duties—especially her role as second in line to succeed the Presidency—but have undermined the mission of the CIA and other defenders of the United States.

    Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson was one of the twelve signatories calling for the Speaker’s resignation. Communicating his disgust with the Mrs. Pelosi’s brazen malfeasance and disdain for the American people, he said, “Speaker Pelosi has dishonored herself and her country. By placing her political career ahead of national security, she has willingly forfeited her right to be Speaker of the House. If there is a shred of dignity left in her, she will do the right thing and step down.”

    Speaker Pelosi’s blatant disregard for the truth is beyond the pale. Habitually lying about her knowledge of enhanced interrogation is bad enough. Betraying the very people keeping this country safe escalates her transgression from insult to outrage.

    Both, however, are clearly grounds for resignation. As the letter concludes:

    “We ask that Speaker Pelosi voluntarily step aside from her duties, and that the Congress appoint a bi-partisan Select Intelligence Committee to investigate and determine what Speaker Pelosi knew and when she knew it.”

    The American people deserve better from their elected leaders. It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to step down. In the words of Cromwell, “You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing…you shall now give way to better men,” and women.

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