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ALG in the News: WRVA 1140AM

  • On: 06/02/2009 09:43:45
  • In: Monetary Policy
  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured interview, WRVA’s Jimmy Barrett in Richmond, Virginia interviews ALG President Bill Wilson on the importance of auditing the Federal Reserve, on the UAW bailout, and more:

    Bill Wilson Quotables from Interview

    What happened to $7.76 trillion committed, lent, or disbursed by the Federal Reserve? “It’s absurd that the American taxpayers have been put on the hook for literally trillions of dollars and we’re not even allowed to knowwhere the money has gone, how it’s been spent, or if there are any provisions or terms for any of it to be repaid.”

    Should Congress Keep Audit Secret if Bill Passes? “I believe the American people deserve to see these numbers. I don’t think that this should be held or viewed by some small, little clique of elitists that will tell us what’s good or bad.”

    Will Obama sign Fed Audit Bill? “I believe that if this bill continues moving at the pace it is, that President Obama would have no choice but to sign this bill. I think the public reaction grows in favor of it every day.”

    On whether to give GM more tax dollars: “If you have an unruly teenage child, and they keep taking the car and going out and drinking and getting into trouble, do you keep leaving the keys out on the counter?”

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