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Paying the Price for Obama Stealthcare

  • On: 06/30/2009 10:38:40
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  • By Justin Williams

    It seems that every time the Obama Administration releases additional information about its increasingly controversial health care plan, the consequences for the American people appear increasingly overpriced and unworkable. Recently, top political advisor to Barack Obama, David Axelrod, conceded that the administration would not rule out the potential of taxing health benefits to pay for the public option.

    This means that the Obama Administration is now not only in the business of punishing those who do not want health care, it also wants to punish those who dare to get health care on their own. Simply put: under the Obama Stealthcare scheme those who have the motivation and wherewith to pay for their own health care would be taxed to pay for those who don’t.

    Incentives matter, and in this situation the incentives are for those to get health care — but not just any type of health care, mind you: socialized health care as mandated, controlled, and rationed by one Barack Obama. As of now, the Obama Administration’s policy is to bankrupt private insurance companies, as they will punish their customers for not being on the public plan.

    In a truly free market economy this would never happen. Nor, in a truly free country.

    This would be like Burger King hiring thugs to steal money from the customers of McDonald’s in order to give it to Burger King customers so that they in turn, could eat for free. But since it is the government doing it under the mask of “Hope” and “Change,” many Americans see this as a painless, costfree hand out.

    What they do not realize is that not only is Obama breaking his promise of not raising taxes on people making under $250,000 — he is also implementing policies he criticized during the campaign.

    In a speech in October on health care in Roanoke, Virginia, Obama stated:

    “First we found out that Senator McCain wants to pay for his plan by taxing your health care benefits for the first time in history. [Crowd Boos] Just like George Bush. [Crowd Boos] That was bad enough but the Wall Street Journal reports its worse than we thought. It turns out John McCain would pay for part of his plan by making drastic cuts in Medicare.”

    Now we find out that Barack Obama evidently thought it was such a bad idea that he himself has decided to adopt it — along with cutting Medicare spending, as ALG News previously reported. Obama says he expects to save $600 billion dollars on both Medicare and Medicaid with certain cuts on those programs.

    The cuts from Medicare and Medicaid are coming from subsidies that are currently given out to hospitals. The money will then be redirected to individuals who do not have health care. In other words, Obama does not want privately insured individuals to benefit from any of the public money that he will be handing out.

    With less funding the hospitals will be forced to raise prices, which means that the costs to the privately insured will rise significantly along with the costs upon the welfare state.

    It is simple: Barack Obama wants socialized health care, and he realizes that is too unpopular to do outright. So, instead, he has formulized a plan to stealthily make the private insurance companies non-competitive and bankrupt them in the process.

    The bottom line: when all the private insurance companies have fallen, Americans will be forced to take on an overpriced and unworkable alternative – one that rations health care at the expense of those who need it most — one rightly known as the “Obama Stealthcare.”

    Justin Williams is a Contributing Editor of ALG News Bureau.

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