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Appointment Watch: Holdren and Sims

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  • Appointment Watch: Holdren and Sims

    The mainstream media continue to ignore President Obama’s appointment of bizarre personnel to run the government. Personnel is policy. That being the case the American people need to know about these appointments. This week we look another couple of Obama appointees. These are not isolated incidents or an occasional bad apple. These folks are representative of the appointments he is making with little or no push back from the Senate during the confirmation process.

    John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (Science Czar)

    • Since the 1960’s Holdren has advocated draconian practices in order the control the worlds’ population. In 1969 he wrote “If population control measures are not initiated immediately …technology… will not fend off the misery to come.” Holdren further states, “Some form of ecocatastrophe…seems almost certain…before the end of the [20th] century.”
    • To ward off this disaster that never happened Holdren prescribed the following:
    • Laws requiring compulsory abortion.
    • Requiring pregnant single women to marry or abort the child.
    • Adding sterilant to drinking water or staple foods. In a burst of humanity however Holdren wants to be sure that the sterilant would not harm pets.
    • Adjusting tax laws to favor single people, working wives, and small families.
    • Taxes on luxury baby good and toys.
    • Limitation of educational benefits to two children per family.
    • On March 4th 2009 the Senate confirmed Mr. Holdren without one dissenting vote.

    Ron Sims, Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    • Before this appointment Mr. Sims had been County Executive in King County (Seattle) Washington. The following are a couple of the low points of his record in that position.
    • On Sims’ watch, the medical examiner’s office was run unprofessionally and disrespectfully. Bodies lay on the floor, crude language and gestures were common, harmful chemicals were poured down the drain illegally, a body was lost, and a weekly contest to pick the most disgusting photo of the dead was held.
    • Ron Sims pushed a three-year project to update county payroll and human resources and accounting systems. Unqualified people ran the project, $39 million was wasted, and the project failed. After three years, the payroll and human resources system had only been installed at departments that employed one-third of county employees and the accounting system had not been installed. While only a fraction of the project was completed, the entire budget was spent.
    • On May 6, 2009 the Senate confirmed Mr. Sims without one dissenting vote.

    These are just a sample of the people President Obama is placing in positions of power within his Administration. If you want more information on these three and many others, please visit: http://www.getliberty.org/content.asp?pl=187&contentid=187

    Next week we will examine two more. Those who are interested in exclusive information before it reaches the public, please contact [email protected]

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