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ALG in the News: War of the Watchdogs

  • On: 08/10/2009 09:56:11
  • In: Health Care
  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured commentary, Adam Bitely, Executive Director of NetRight Nation is mentioned as one of the leaders against Obama’s disinformation reporting.

    War of the Watchdogs

    Up before dawn this pleasant summer morn, my casual daily stroll across the Web in search of delightful news for blog content seemed somehow to be just another glorious day of fatuous bliss. In these serene Orwellian days when change is actually much more of the same, hope is actually despair, and transparency is actually opacity, headlines are rife with eager potential for more thought crimes against the Ministry of Truth and the Big Brother Administration.

    In my earnest quest to reach the elusive Room 101 or at least a secluded joycamp, all the usual questions pervaded my impure mind. Where is John Galt? What would Winston Smith do? Why IS the constitution bad?

    Then, without warning, just over the horizon I glimpsed the fringes of new strife. Soon I could hear the call to arms. Coming directly toward me at the speed of broadband was … what … could it be true … unfolding on Battlefield Internet a new struggle for freedom was beginning … the War of the Watchdogs.

    First blood was drawn by a gallant General, known to patriots as the inimitable Glenn Beck. Saul Alinsky’s arrant knaves speak of him only as the “Faux News Clown”.

    Less than an hour later, First Lieutenant Adam Bitely of urged the freedom-loving watchdogs to counter the counter-watchdog-attack by:

    “Email that address [] reporting Barack Obama for not telling the truth on Health Care. Let’s try and flood that inbox with as many reports about Obama and his minions attempting to deceive the public as possible.”

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