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Editorial: The SCHIP of State

  • On: 08/25/2009 09:30:14
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  • Just how far will the politicians in Washington go to distort and pervert America’s health care system? If their dubious manipulation of the SCHIP children’s health insurance bill is any indication, the answer may be “to the ends of the earth.”

    Even if they have to redraw the earth’s boundaries to do so.

    In 2007, shortly after seizing the Senate and House, the Democrats declared that they had to rush through a coercive bill mandating taxpayer-funded health insurance to “low-income children” throughout the land. So, they passed their bill (which George W. Bush later vetoed), and declared it would cure the ills of the ailing young.

    Well, not quite.

    In the first place – as those who pushed the bill through well knew – SCHIP was not really aimed at “low-income children” at all. The truth is that 77% of the targeted beneficiaries came from homes with incomes in excess of $60,000 a year. And they already had private health insurance.

    So, what was the real purpose of SCHIP if it wasn’t actually to help “low-income children”? Quite simply, it was to expand the federal government’s reach over the health care industry and drive private health insurance programs out of existence. In short, it was a power grab.

    Sound familiar? Well, it should, because that is also the precise purpose of what is now known as “Obamacare” — and should be known as the most massive redistribution of the wealth and health in human history. From the private sector to the public domain. From those who work hard to those who hardly work.

    The second revealing codicil in the SCHIP scam was that in order to implement the federal power grab, the bill actually went so far as to redefine the latitude and longitude of the entire country and all of the states therein. Sound preposterous? Well, it was.

    For example, according to New York Times reporter Robert Pear writing in 2007, the Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC), located on the border between Wisconsin and Michigan, received SCHIP funding because Congress decided that it was in Chicago. That’s right, in the “Windy City,” that “toddling town” – in Illinois.

    Here’s the actual wording from the SCHIP legislation: “Any hospital that is co-located in Marinette, Wisconsin, and Menominee, Michigan, is deemed to be located in Chicago.” There is only one hospital in America fitting that description. You guessed it, the BAMC – which is more than 250 miles from Chicago, Illinois.

    The fact is, in their SCHIP deception, the members of Congress redrew the map of the United States to make 40 different hospitals parts of metropolitan areas that were nowhere near the institutions’ actual locations. It was a sinister and cynical effort to take advantage of little children in order to get Big Government’s piercing tentacles into health insurance programs all over America. To the politicians in Washington, that might be known as “hope” and “change.” To the rest of the world, it is known as a lie.

    And now, those same politicians are preparing to plunge their tentacles in even deeper with a socialized medicine power grab that would put the government in charge of every breath Americans take – and put private health insurance out of business altogether.

    In short: in 2007, they attempted to redraw the boundaries of the entire nation. Now, they’re getting ready to redefine the boundaries of life and death. And that’s why patriotic Americans are vowing to go “to the ends of the earth” to stop them in their tracks. More power to them.

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