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The Overnights from NetRightNation 08.14.09

  • On: 08/14/2009 10:36:32
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  • Special Edition: RightOnline Conference

    By Adam Bitely

    Being apart of the blogosphere right now is definitely an exciting time for the center-right. With the mid-term election kickoffs approaching and the current uproar across the country in town halls, bloggers will get a chance to both share stories and trade tips at the RightOnline Conference in the heart of Pittsburgh.

    The conference will give bloggers, all over the country, a chance to meet big keynote speakers like Michelle Malkin and Steve Moore, while networking with other like-minded bloggers. And, of course, NetRight Nation will be there recruiting more blogs to sign up to become apart of a strong coalition of center-right blogs that can organize to combat the onslaught of socialistic policies coming from both the White House and Congress.

    If you are attending the RightOnline Conference, make sure you stop by the Americans for Limited Government’s booth and meet some of the staff that makes ALG and NetRight Nation possible. Also don’t forget to follow the conference on Twitter with “#righton.”

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRight Nation.

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