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The Overnights from NetRightNation 08.21.09

  • On: 08/21/2009 09:30:58
  • In: Health Care
  • The Overnights: This Week’s Blogosphere in Review

    By Adam Bitely

    Health Care continues to gain momentum as we head through the August recess. After last weekend’s RightOnline conference in Pittsburgh, PA, the NetRight is more energized than ever to lead the charge against socialized medicine. You can see that bloggers are more energized just by looking at the percentage of blog posts that are on Health Care.

    This week, over 51% of the blog posts from center-right bloggers were on Obama’s plan to reform the Health Care system. This Saturday, protesters, organized by NetRight activists will be taking part in Recess Rallies all across the nation. Not only are protests happening everywhere, but they are incredibly successful.

    For years, left-wing bloggers have said that the NetRight has not understood how to use the internet. But they have been proven wrong. If one looks back at how the Tea Party Movement has sprung up and successfully organized itself—mostly online—one would understand that not only has the right caught up with the left, they have surpassed them. If the left disagrees, they can look at public opinion polls on Health Care and I would especially ask them to look at the tracking polls on Obama’s popularity. The fact of the matter is, the NetRight is doing well and continues to get better.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRight Nation.

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