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The Overnights The Week in the Blogosphere in Review

  • On: 08/07/2009 09:58:17
  • In: Health Care
  • By Adam Bitely

    The Health Care debate has been the number one topic for the past couple of weeks. On average for each day over this period, over 40 percent of all blog posts from center-right bloggers have been on Health Care: It is in the blogosphere where this battle is being waged.

    The NetRight bloggers have been leading the charge thus far. While a war has developed between Barack Obama and the internet (he challenged Matt Drudge’s hugely popular website earlier this week, The Drudge Report), many have become skeptical that Obama has the best interests of the American people at heart.

    Earlier this week on the White House website, a request was posted from the Obama administration that people report their neighbor’s if they are speaking against his Health Care plan. The NetRight bloggers jumped all over this issue, and NetRight Nation led the charge, calling for bloggers to report misleading information coming from the White House.

    The request from the Obama administration for “fishy” information has remained a top issue in the blogosphere.

    As the August recess wears on, support for the Health Care plan continues to deteriorate, as noted in this post, “Krugman Can’t Believe the Truth”. The blogosphere has been the go-to source to find out what is going on and the place where people are organizing to get out the message. As we end this week, the blogosphere remains the place where Obama’s Health Care plan will die.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRIght Nation.

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