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ALG in the News: A Critic Finds Obama Policies a Perfect Target

  • On: 09/28/2009 09:56:35
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured commentary, Americans for Limited Government is featured in a profile piece in The New York Times.

    A Critic Finds Obama Policies a Perfect Target

    Bill Wilson leads a conservative group that vociferously fights President Obama’s proposals.


    FAIRFAX, Va. – It is the weekly research meeting at Americans for Limited Government, and Bill Wilson is presiding with gusto. The Obama administration is serving up so many rich targets that Mr. Wilson and his crew of young conservatives hardly know where to begin.

    There is the small, minority-owned firm with deep ties to President Obama’s Chicago backers, made eligible by the Federal Reserve to handle potentially lucrative credit deals.

    “I want to know how these firms are picked and who picked them,” Mr. Wilson, the group’s president, tells his eager researchers.

    There is the Georgetown University professor, nominated for a top State Department post, who Mr. Wilson thinks is way too soft on Fidel Castro of Cuba and President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. He is pleased that a Republican senator has put a hold on the nomination.

    There are three new appointees to the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities – in the hunt for political vulnerabilities, no post is too humble to scrutinize.

    “Are they for using the arts as propaganda, as opposed to just art?” Mr. Wilson asks. The researchers scribble notes.

    Last November, when Mr. Obama won 53 percent of the vote and stirred many Americans with soaring rhetoric about what his administration might achieve, pundits wondered whether the election marked a symbolic end of the “government is the problem” era that Ronald Reagan had started. But eight months into Mr. Obama’s presidency, his proposals have hugely energized his opposition. Continue reading here.

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