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Katie, Matt & Tingly Chris: Suck it Up and Say Goodbye

  • On: 09/17/2009 09:17:18
  • In: Hard Left
  • By Carter Clews

    Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. According to the latest poll from the Pew Research Center, the “Drive-By Media” no longer have any credibility left with the American people. To quote Pew, “Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate.”

    Now, let’s see … why would that be? … Hmmm … Let me think for a second … Hold on, I think I’ve got it! It’s probably because ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post lie through their teeth on a daily basis.

    Yep, I think that’s it. Once people figure out that you are an inveterate liar who contrives and contorts the news to fit your own perverse world view, you probably are going to end up with a Credibility Gap about the size of the Grand Canyon.

    So, suck it up Katie, Brian, Matt, Meredith, Keith, Tingly Chris – and all the rest of you two-bit purveyors of hackneyed bilge who may soon find yourself prowling the roadways hat in hand proclaiming your willingness to “Work for Food.” There is nothing more pathetic than a has-been huckster whose scam has been revealed for all the world to see.

    For decades now, you have shown your utter disdain for the American people by belittling their motives, besmirching their integrity, finding fault with their every move, and portraying them as ignorant beer-swilling swine every time they cast a vote that you deigned beneath your lofty intellectual level.

    And now, they are returning the disfavor. By leaving in droves.

    When their kids go off to war, you tell the American people they’ve spawned nothing more than nasty little monsters who slaughter the innocent just for the thrill of the kill. Remember your wholly contrived mass hysteria over Abu Ghraib?

    When they dare to beg the politicians to lighten their oppressive tax load so that they can better provide for their own families, you accuse them of hating the poor, padding their pockets, and generally being selfish louts who should learn to pipe down and pay up.

    And when they have the audacity to embrace a courageous woman whose politics you abhor, you portray her as the second-rate governor of a third-rate state, you expose her children to open ridicule, and you accuse those who support her of racism, bigotry, and outright ignorance.

    Remember the old Johnnie Mercer/Harold Arlen song “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative”? Well, you have made it your reckless, ruthless business to do just the opposite, finding fault, but never favor, and casting America as the enemy of mankind, when it’s been the most selflessly generous nation in the history of the world.

    And, please, don’t think for one minute that your inherent anti-American bias has escaped the notice of the American people. According to Pew, 60% of Republicans now consider you “Too Critical of America” (and just imagine what that figure would be were it not for Fox News?). A full third of Democrats also consider you too critical of our country. And 41% of Independents feel the same.

    Oh, I know what your arrogant, air-headed response to that will be – because I’ve heard it a thousand times at your self-congratulatory conferences and confabs: “We must be doing something right if we’re equally offending everyone.”

    Well, no, you’re not doing “something right.” The fact is, you’re doing pretty much everything wrong – because you refuse to climb down off of your garrish thrones and see how real Americans live, work, laugh, cry, hope, and dream.

    You refuse to see what it’s like for real work-a-day Americans of who can’t make ends meet because Big Government robs them of 50% of their hard-earned money to fill its bulging tax coffers. After all, you make millions – so tough luck for the working schmoes.

    You refuse to see what it’s like for deeply concerned Americans who worry about sending their children to public schools where crime is rampant, discipline is lax, and the learning curve barely rises above semi-literacy. After all, your kids go private schools where the only hoi polloi they encounter are scrubbing the floors and tending the lawns.

    And you refuse to see what it’s like for minority Americans who have to suffer the enduring indignities of your bigoted portrayal of them as raucous head bangers or Obama-supporting socialists looking for the next handout. After all, when the only African-American “leaders” you’re willing to talk to are poverty pimps and race hustlers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, your jaundiced view is easily understandable.

    So now, you have thoroughly destroyed your own credibility with the American people – the good, decent, God-fearing Americans you have maliciously maligned as the scum of the earth.

    And the last sound you will soon hear above the din of your own death rattle will be those very same patriotic Americans heaving a satisfied sigh of relief at your long overdue, deserved demise.

    Katie, Brian, Matt, Meredith, Keith, and Tingly Chris — good riddance to bad rubbish. You had it coming. Now, suck it up and say goodbye.

    Carter Clews is the Executive Editor of ALG News.

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