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The Overnights from NetRight Nation 09.11.09

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  • The Overnights: American Liberty Tour Edition

    By Adam Bitely

    Yesterday, the American Liberty Tour kicked off in Sacramento. I’m writing to you today from the road as we head towards Salt Lake City for the 9/12 rally.

    What began at the beginning of the summer as an outcry has turned into grassroots activism. Last night as I attended our Townhall event in Sacramento, I still heard the same concerns being raised about the Health Care plan at the beginning of the summer. The answer was obvious to all of us there, government officials are not listening to us. That is one of the reasons that we are on the tour right now – to help get people the tool’s they need to become active in their communities.

    As we travel the nation over the next 5 weeks I expect that I will hear a lot of the same frustrations that I heard last night. The key though, is to start brushfires of freedom and take back our government. This is a completely achievable task.

    Hopefully we will be coming to a town near you. To see if we are, visit AmericanLibertyTour.com.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRight Nation.

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