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  • On: 10/12/2009 09:34:40
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured commentary from Shawn Zeller at Congressional Quarterly, Americans for Limited Government is listed as one of the leaders in the fight of opposition against the Obama Administration.

    Conservative Groups Flourish in Opposition

    By Shawn Zeller, CQ Staff

    It wouldn’t seem that conservatives have much to be happy about these days, with a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in Congress. But in one sense, these are the best of times for conservative activists, who have found that the specter of government-managed health insurance, restrictions on carbon emissions and higher taxes are riling the faithful.

    “If you can’t double the size of your organization this year, you are doing something wrong,” says Richard Viguerie, a pioneer of the conservative movement and direct mail fundraising in the 1980s.

    The Democratic agenda — or the agenda as interpreted by Viguerie and other conservative activists and talk-radio hosts — has provided a rallying cry for such formerly obscure groups as Americans for Limited Government, which has ties to the Libertarian Party and the term limits movement, and Americans for Prosperity, which grew out of the now-defunct think tank backed by industry called Citizens for a Sound Economy.

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