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Appointment Watch: Lloyd and Michaels

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  • Appointment Watch: Lloyd and Michaels

    The mainstream media continue to ignore President Obama’s appointment of bizarre personnel to run the government. Personnel is policy. That being the case the American people need to know about these appointments. This week we look another couple of Obama appointees. These are not isolated incidents or an occasional bad apple. These folks are representative of the appointments he is making with little or no push back from the Senate during the confirmation process.

    Mark Lloyd, Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer, Federal Communications Commission

    • Lloyd supports the idea of the “fairness doctrine” but would impose it through different means.
    • Lloyd has called the threat from communism “imagined.”
    • Lloyd has spoken favorably regarding the crackdown on free speech perpetrated by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.
    • Lloyd was appointed to his position, which does not require Senate confirmation, on August 4, 2009.

    David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health

    • Micheals is a proponent of using “junk science” in the courts.
    • Micheals attacks industry-funded research as corrupt and unreliable.
    • Micheals runs a research organization that received seed money from trial lawyers.
    • Micheals was nominated on August 5, 2009, and his nomination is currently pending in committee.

    These are just a sample of the people President Obama is placing in positions of power within his Administration. If you want more information on these three and many others, please visit: http://www.getliberty.org/content.asp?pl=187&contentid=187

    Next week we will examine two more. Those who are interested in exclusive information before it reaches the public, please contact Don@getliberty.org

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