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Pelositown: Go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid!

  • On: 10/29/2009 09:20:56
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  • By Robert Romano

    It’s looking more and more like a political suicide cult.

    This week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to drop the latest version of ObamaCare containing the so-called “public option” in the House of Representatives. And she has a simple message for members of her caucus who may seem reluctant to join her in voting for the government takeover of the nation’s entire health system: “Go ahead, drink the Kool-aid!”

    Only there might be some expected side effects: namely, outraging their constituents and being shown the boot in the 2010 election cycle. In fact, several members seem intent on escaping Pelositown before the “revolutionary suicide” ceremony commences on the House floor.

    Not that Pelosi cares. Apparently, these members are expendable—despite the fact that they now number in the mid-50’s.

    According to the Washington Post’s Plum Line blog by Greg Sargent, the “public option” is well short of the 218 votes needed to pass. Sargent obtained a preliminary whip count, drafted by Congressman James Clyburn’s office, which shows “that 47 House Dems are committed No votes, and eight are Leaning No, for a total of 55. That means of 256 House Dems, just under 200 remain, and a dozen of those are listed as undecided. The bill needs 218 votes for passage.”

    Sargent’s publication followed a long Tuesday for “public option” supporters that saw Senators Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe come out against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s own bill.

    The historic efforts of millions of Americans spontaneously speaking out at town halls, tea parties, and calling their representatives, writing letters, and visiting congressional district offices has made an undeniable impression on the members of Congress. So far, dozens of Democrats members are saying “No” to the Pelositown chug-a-thon.

    Apparently, the tell-tale whip count was leaked by so-called “progressive” members of the House who blame the White House and Congressional leadership for the poor showing among moderate and Blue Dog members in favor of the health care takeover.

    According to Sargent, “House progressives argue that the document should light a fire under Dem leaders. One House progressive tells me he’s convinced that most of the undecideds, and a number of the No votes, can be won over with the right mix of pressure and incentives — which only the House leadership and the White House can provide.”

    In other words, in Pelositown, the “progressives” want strong-arm enforcers to coerce members to forget about their future, ignore their constituents, and drink a toast to their own demise. After all, attempts to frighten and intimidate the American people into keeping quiet have miserably failed.

    They were called liars, “un-American,” “Brown Shirts,” “political terrorists,” “evil mongers,” and “uncivilized” by the very people now turning their ire on recalcitrant House members. In short, they were dubbed enemies of the state for their “impudence” in daring to oppose Barack Obama’s utopian plans to “transform” America.

    But they would not cease their protests. It turns out that the American people really do not want government bureaucrats getting between them and their doctors. That they know the takeover will lead to health costs skyrocketing. That they recognize it will break the public treasury, and its unaffordability will lead to rationing. That they will eventually be forced into the plan. And that Medicare will be cut and taxes hiked drastically to pay for it.

    According to Rasmussen Reports, 57 percent of voters nationwide believe it will raise the cost of health care, and 53 percent believe the quality of care will get worse. And 63 percent “are strongly opposed to a public option if they think it could lead employers to drop the existing coverage they provide employees.”

    A full 51 percent are opposed to the plan. And according to a recent FOX News poll, Independents, a critical voting bloc in swing congressional districts, oppose ObamaCare by 62 percent to 23 percent.

    All of which leaves members of the House with a choice. To escape Pelositown and actually represent their constituents—before it is too late.

    Or, to vote for the increasingly unpopular “public option” and join the ranks of former congressmen who went too far to the Left in moderate-to-conservative districts. In short, to drink the Pelosi Kool-Aid and look forward to lots of basket bingo and blue plate specials.

    Robert Romano is the ALG Senior News Editor.

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