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Reaping the Whirlwind

  • On: 10/27/2009 09:23:41
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  • By Carter Clews

    He was overwhelmingly embraced and broadly admired. Even his detractors found him charismatic, attractive, and likeable. His most adamant political opponents wished him well. And Americans from all walks of life looked upon him as a breath of fresh air, a dynamic young leader who could, if he wished, lead the nation into a modern-day “Era of Good Feelings.”

    Unfortunately, Barack Obama didn’t wish. And we didn’t know.

    Instead, this son of fortune, this man who was born at exactly the right time and nurtured under precisely the right conditions to become America’s first black President, chose to be the what many now see as most divisive President in American history. And so, the latest Gallop Poll informs us, Barack Obama’s popularity has collapsed faster than any other President since the polling process began more than 50 years ago.

    There is a Bible verse that best explains this unprecedented fall from favor. It is repeated so often one would think that even the most casual Christian would know it and commit it to heart: “Those who live by the sword die by the sword.” Barack Obama has wielded his “terrible swift sword” in a ruthless, reckless effort to eviscerate all who dare question his every directive.

    And the double-edged blade is severing his ties to the American people. And, far worse, their ties to each other.

    Now, just 10 months into Barack Obama’s presidency, the American people see him as a disturbingly troubled soul whose vengeful bitterness seems to dictate his every move. A scowling succubus whose anger seems to know no surcease. A ticking, frenetic time bomb whose fits of pique seem increasingly excessive and dangerously out of control.

    And his White House Enemies List grows exponentially by the day.

    When confronted with broad-based, grassroots opposition to his government takeover of the health care system, he ordered up a White House website urging everyday Americans to spy on each other and report back to him any and all criticism “even in casual conversation.”

    When criticized by talk show host Rush Limbaugh with the same verge (and many of the same terms) he has used to take on Bill Clinton, George Bush, and scores of other officeholders and candidates, the thin-skinned Obama personally attacked the veteran broadcaster and ordered his grizzly communications staff to maintain the assault.

    When taken to task by Fox News’ Glenn Beck for appointing an unprecedented plethora of White House “czars” – unapproved by Congress, answerable only to Obama, himself – he flew into a fit of rage, denouncing the anchor and, again, ordering his staff to mount an assault.

    And when Fox News president Roger Ailes refused a White House “request” to reign in its reporters and end their string of exposes, Obama unleashed the most vicious and sustained attack on a TV network in broadcast history. He even went so far as to order Fox barred from news conferences – until the other networks rose up in protest.

    The pattern is all too clear. And far too foreboding. Barack Obama is clearly a man who cannot abide criticism and will not tolerate dissent. Those who dare depart from his narcissistic orthodoxy soon find themselves first shunned, then scorned, and finally attacked as enemies of the state.

    So, it is no wonder than in just 10 short months, Obama has seen his popularity fall faster than any President in modern history. He has intentionally pitted the young against the old, the poor against the rich, workers against management, black against white, women against men – and all who live and breathe against those around them who dare occupy the same space.

    In so doing, Barack Obama has cleaved the once-cohesive spirit of the American people. And this man who too late the American people have come to know clearly has no intention of ever beating his sword of vengeance into a ploughshare of national unity. Such is the price we pay for sewing the wind – and reaping his whirlwind.

    Carter Clews is the Executive Editor of ALG News.

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