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The Overnights: The ALG New Media Operation

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  • The Overnights: The ALG New Media Operation

    By Adam Bitely

    At Americans for Limited Government, we are running a very extensive New Media operation. From blogging to aggregating, we are up to our ears in work.

    On a daily basis, we are aggregating the center-right blogosphere. At NetRight Nation, we are aggregating content from over 75,000 blogs daily! On top of that, we are working with bloggers across the country to help spread the message of free-markets and individual liberty.

    We realize the power that New Media has in affecting change in America. That’s why I launched StopJarrett.com this week to ask the questions that many in the old media are refusing to ask. We want to know who Valerie Jarrett is. And we are working in the blogosphere to find out and report the truth to everyone.

    Blog powerhouses like Michelle Malkin have already backed out efforts to expose Valerie Jarrett. And in our second day, we already have an extensive blog coalition being built to help us pull this project off.

    If you are a blogger and would like to get involved in our efforts, please email me at Adam@getliberty.org and I will be more than happy to work with you.

    Adam Bitely is the Director of New Media at Americans for Limited Government and Executive Director of NetRight Nation.

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