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The Overnights: Three Weeks out From Government Care

  • On: 10/02/2009 09:35:05
  • In: Health Care
  • By Adam Bitely

    Health Care has been the top issue for political bloggers since the Summer began. And interestingly, it seems like we have always heard that we are three weeks out from a Health Care vote since July began. So where are we in this debate? Are we really three weeks out from socialized medicine?

    If you have been following the debate in the blogosphere the answer would be that a truly socialized system of health care will not exist in the immediate future. The blogosphere is the canary in the mine on most issues, and has been especially during the Health Care debate. And to note, bloggers have been steering the debate. Congress and Obama have not.

    Elected officials involved in the Health Care debate are getting involved in the blogosphere to help steer the discussion. Yesterday, Rep. John Shadegg posted on NetRight Nation about the cancer survival rate in government-run systems. Whether you agree with Mr. Shadegg or not, when our elected representatives contribute to the discussion where it counts—in the blogosphere—everyone comes out further ahead.

    Obama and Pelosi have been trumpeting proclamations of being three weeks out from a vote for three months. The blogosphere has been a good barometer to see what will happen next. And if that remains true, we are nowhere near having a Health Care bill pass.

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