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The Wire: The Jarrett Microscope Focuses In

  • On: 11/16/2009 09:23:03
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  • The Jarrett Microscope Focuses In

    It has been just two weeks since the blogosphere flagship site, NetRightNation.com, revealed that conservative bloggers across the country have begun turning the microscope on Obama enforcer Valerie Jarrett’s questionable past and radical agenda.

    Now, the ethics watchdog, Judicial Watch, has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to obtain records relating to Jarrett’s role in the White House’s bid to lure the Olympic Games to Chicago. The group is particularly interested in why the Administration granted Jarrett a conflict of interest “ethics waiver” allowing her to orchestrate the costly effort — despite her having personally led the Olympics bid for Chicago before entering the White House.

    As expected, the Administration has defended Jarrett’s work with the Chicago 2016 committee, claiming she merely “volunteered” to help out. But, it has not been nearly as forthcoming about her relationship with Chicago’s Grove Parc locale, which, as Michelle Malkin recently disclosed, “sits in the shadows of the proposed site of the city’s 2016 Olympic Stadium.”

    Perhaps not so coincidentally, before coming to the White House, Jarrett directed the Habitat Company — which managed the Grove Parc property.

    In recent days, the Jarrett controversy has gathered momentum as the Washington Examiner, the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Rush Limbaugh, and other mainstream media have raised the issue. Look for the FOIA lawsuit to focus the microscope even further.

    Whither Politico?

    InqWIREing Minds are starting to wonder if something has gone askew at the normally straight-down-the-middle Politico. Somehow, the paper that’s proudly positioned itself as a turn-to source for objective reporting seems to be suffering from a touch of “Creeping Subjectivism.”

    • First there was the attack piece on Sarah Palin with the headline proclaiming: “Iowa Republicans wince at Sarah Palin’s $100K speaking fee.” The article went on to lament the plight of poor Iowa “activists recoiling” at the thought of having to “cobble together” and “shell out” such an “odd, odd” fee to the rapacious Palin.

    And then, lo and behold, at or about line 100 of the verbal vivisection, the piece conceded that, well, shucks – and The WIRE quotes: “There is no indication that the former governor has requested a fee or that her decision whether to attend is being influenced by whether she’ll be paid.”

    Say what?!

    • Then, there is the tell-tale story Politico broke about Harry Reid trying to throw together a health care bill with most of his minions out of town. Good piece. Entirely objective. Right up until the end. At which point the writer unburdened himself of how awful it was for guys like Lindsey Graham “taking heat back home for even trying to be bipartisan.”

    Those, like FitsNews.com, fighting Lindsey “back home” would hardly term his sharp turn to the far left as “trying to be bipartisan.” Bipartisan is when you meet halfway across The Aisle – not when you leap to the other side and land in John Kerry’s lap.

    Politico has worked hard to establish a sterling reputation. And it needs to stick with its formula for fairness. Eternal subjectivity, to paraphrase Jefferson, is the price of credibility.

    Welcome to Obamaville

    Most Americans didn’t realize that when candidate Barack Obama promised he was going to create 5 million … or 2.5 million … or 20 gadzillion … or 3 — or whatever it was — new jobs that he intended to hang out a sign reading “Bureaucrats Only Need Apply.” Nor that he intended to create all of these jobs with government make-work programs.

    Yet, even with all of that, his 20 gadzillion new jobs have failed to materialize. In fact, 4 million Americans have lost their jobs since Obama took office, and unemployment is now at 10.2%.

    But, alas, all is not lost. As Obama lays the groundwork for Illusionary Stimulus 3.0, he has reportedly cast an envious eye to the Peoples Republic of China, where they have found the perfect Marxist paradigm for creating new jobs, expanding the GDP, and building up the infrastructure – while fastidiously maintaining a pristine environment – all in one fell swoop.

    Welcome to Obamaville:


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