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Who are the Tea Parties?

  • On: 04/21/2010 09:47:12
  • In: Conservative Movement
  • By Rebekah Rast
    Video by Andrius Vaitekunas

    In the liberal media, the tea party movement has become a twofold issue. One the one hand, those who are involved in the movement are seen as potential threats, as stated earlier this week by President Bill Clinton. One the other hand, they are disregarded and mocked by the Obama Administration. As previously reported by Americans for Limited Government (ALG), those involved in the tea party movement have been attacked and considered “un-American” for standing up for their rights and liberties.

    What is the true story behind these Americans? What do they stand for?

    To get the answers, ALG spoke with some attendees at the tea party rally in Prince William County, Virginia, about their involvement in the movement.

    They are tired of being taxed, tired of the government’s involvement in their lives and tired of the government spending money America doesn’t have.

    The New York Times analyzed their own poll on the tea party movement, and chose to portray them as out of touch and confused about what they want. Actually, those involved in the movement today are very in touch with the issues facing the country and know exactly what they want.

    “Those involved in the tea parties are well educated, have jobs and are respectful citizens exercising their American rights,” says ALG President Bill Wilson. “They just don’t want to pay any more taxes and want the government out of their lives.”

    Those on the left are talking about the tea party movement, but ignore its core concerns in an attempt to minimize any impacts it may have on the 2010 elections. The fact that Obama has addressed the grassroots movement several times makes it clear that all sides are aware of this group’s presence.

    “It is clear the name-calling and mocking is one-sided,” Wilson says. “The only threat of the tea party movement is at the ballot box for those elected officials who are ignoring their pleas.”

    Rebekah Rast is a contributing editor to ALG News Bureau.  Andrius Vaitekunas is Producer to ALG.

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