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It’s All Part of the Plan: Part II

  • On: 05/12/2010 22:16:14
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  • By Trevor Sides

    Comparing Obama to the Dark Knight’s Joker is a tricky endeavor. “The whole Obama/Joker “socialism” poster from last August ruffled some feathers. The poster didn’t make sense and came off as racist. Then again, anyone who criticizes Obama is labeled a racist, so whatever.

    I’m not “comparing” Obama to the Joker. Obama is not a violent maniac who impales people with pencils. This Obama/Joker thing is a metaphor: I’m evaluating Obama’s worldview and policies in terms of a popular culture reference.

    Reflecting on Victor Davis Hanson’s piece about Obama’s postmodernism, I realized that everything Obama’s done since taking office – the policies, speeches and everything else that seem utterly foolish – has all been part of his plan.

    “It’s all part of the plan,” said the Joker. The more I reflected on the movie and Joker’s beliefs, the more it all came together.

    One of the most chilling scenes in the Dark Knight is when the Joker philosophizes at Harvey Dent’s bedside in the hospital. The Joker is explaining the how and why of everything he’s done, and sums up his worldview thusly:

    “Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!”

    The postmodernism that fuels Obama’s policies does in fact seek to “upset the established order.” The existing hegemony is undesirable simply because it has the power, and must be replaced. That’s why America is no more “exceptional” than Greece or Britain. That’s why his stance on Iran and nuclear policy in general is so soft. That’s why we’re giving such a cold shoulder to Israel.

    That’s also why the relationship between the American government and her citizens has been turned on its head. We’re getting our first taste of European statism and we’re not digging it. Obama is doing everything in his power to bring the American hegemon to her knees – from foreign policy and the “war on terror” to distributive-wealth practices, including, but not limited to, health care reform.

    Leftists use one word to justify their wealth-distributive policies: “fairness”. Free-market capitalism has been pegged as the hegemonic demon to end all hegemonic demons. Thus, it’s appropriate to “upset the established order” of economics in order to ensure a “fair” society. Chaos is fair. Postmodernists and statists are always about “fairness,” and fairness stems from the chaos of a deconstructed system.

    Obama is an agent of chaos, a pursuer of “fairness”. And he revels in it, just like the Joker.

    So what are we to do? Rally at Tea Parties? Run for office? Start PACs?

    How about none of the above? We conservatives need to get it through our skulls that politics – in general – is downstream of culture. There is something in our underlying cultural milieu that has allowed Obama to ascend to the Oval Office. We can’t win the long-term battle against statism and secularism on the grounds of “repeal.” Fighting in D.C. alone will get us nowhere.

    We must be at work in our communities, amongst our friends and family, teaching and debating and explaining what postmodernism is and why it’s a dangerous worldview.

    Postmodernism rests, essentially, on one basic “principle”: Everything is relative. Everything except, of course, the statement that everything is relative. Postmodernism undercuts itself right out of the gate. Right vs. wrong, good vs. evil are outdated paradigms that “we” have set up to further our power and oppression. That’s why the entire academic world (which is where Obama originated) convulsed when George W. Bush coined the “axis of evil” line.

    Winning the long-term war for the soul of America and the stability of the world is no easy task when going up against a non-linear, illogical proposition like postmodernism. But if we put all of our eggs into the political basket and don’t seeking to redeem the culture, we might as well give up and enjoy our entitlement checks and free healthcare while we can.

    Trevor Sides, former editor of the Akron News-Reporter, is a Liberty Features Syndicate writer for Americans for Limited Government.

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