05.17.2010 0

Announcing the Daily Wrap-Up

For all those that have enjoyed our morning and afternoon publications, we are pleased to announce a new afternoon newsletter that will combine the best of both the Must Reads and the NetRight Daily.

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The Daily Wrap-Up will consist of the most important news and information that will be discussed by all the politicos in your life. Who wants to go to happy hour and be out of the loop? Well, don’t worry. With the Daily Wrap-Up, you will be all set. To insure that you are kept in the loop, we will make sure it is delivered to your inbox by 4 p.m. so that you aren’t completely in the dark as the day is coming to an end.

As always, let us know what we can do to make our services better. It is our mission to provide you with content that you want. Just email Adam@getliberty.org with questions or comments.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Daily Wrap-Up!

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