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Election Night Open Thread

Adam Bitely will be updating this post throughout the evening as the results are coming in. Please let us know what is happening though in the meantime!

10:25 PM EDT: Critz beats Burns in PA-12 special election. Burns wins GOP primary, and will still campaign for the seat.

10:12 PM EDT: AP calls PA Primary for Sestak. Specter has left the Senate.

10:08 PM EDT: @LarrySabato: Specter had a 30-year ride, but the baton is passed. Um, what happened to that “close” PA-12 race that some had tilted to R? Ain’t happening

10:06 PM EDT: With 53.2% reporting, Sestak leads Specter 52.6% to47.4%. If this trend continues, Specter will get crushed. Sestak is really opening a lead up.

9:57 PM EDT: With 43.1% reporting, Sestak leads Specter with 51.9% to 48.1%

9:40 PM EDT: With 35.6% reporting, Specter IS TIED with Sestak…

9:05 PM EDT: With 10.7% reporting, Specter leads Sestak with 54.9% to 45.1%.

8:40 PM EDT: With 1% reporting, Specter leads Sestak with 64.5%-35.5%.

8:23 PM EDT: First precincts report in PA… Specter leads Sestak with 33 votes to 12 votes.

According to @dmataconis, reporting will be slow in PA: “No votes reporting from PA yet because it takes awhile for the dead to vote in Philadelphia”

8:00 PM EDT: PA polls close.

7:46 PM EDT: AP calls it for Rand Paul. The Randslide is official

The Nominee

7:39 PM EDT: 27.7% reporting in Kentucky and Paul leads Grayson 59.2%-36.3%. PAUL HAS DEFEATED GRAYSON. On the Dem side, Conway leads Mongiardo 49.4%-38.2%.

7:30 PM EDT: 16.4% reporting in Kentucky and Paul leads Grayson 52.8%-34.2%. On the Dem side, Conway leads Mongiardo 46.9%-40.4%.

7:20 PM EDT: 13% reporting in Kentucky and Paul leads Grayson 51.3%-33.6%. On the Dem side, Conway leads Mongiardo 47.2%-40.0%.

7:16 PM EDT: According to Major Garrett (@MajoratWH): “PA-12 = case study in frayed poli nerves. DCCC & NRCC fretting abt low turnout….Rs fear D GOTV machine, Ds fear R energy.”

7:06 PM EDT: With 5% in, Rand Paul leads Trey Grayson 54.1%-39.9%

According to @daveweigel: “Guys, Trey Grayson is FROM Boone County and he’s losing it by 30 points. This is a slaughter. #kysen

7:00 PM EDT: All polls are closed in Kentucky

6:53 PM EDT: 7 minutes until all polls have closed in Kentucky. Here is the latest results from there:

GOP Results:

Paul – 51.1%

Grayson – 42.1%

Reporting: 1.3%

Democrat Results:

Mongiardo – 48.3%

Conway – 39.1%

Reporting: 1.3%

6:33 PM EDT: Kentucky polls have begun to close and results are coming in.

GOP Results:

Paul – 49.9%

Grayson – 43.3%

Reporting: 0.3%

Democrat Results:

Mongiardo – 50.5%

Conway – 37.0%

Reporting: 0.3%

5:30 PM EDT: Here is some sites to check out as the night goes on:

Politico’s 2010 page has live results streaming in as well as other great content.

Post Politics has a great 2010 Election Cycle map up with great data.

Dan Roem at Hotline On Call has a good write-up on what you need to know in Arkansas.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports light turnout

Latest poll info on PA Dem Senate Primary

The story in Kentucky will be about the strength of the Tea Party Movement

Polls close at the following times:

–Arkansas polls close at 8:30 PM EDT

–Kentucky polls close at 6:00 PM local time

–Oregon polls close at 11:00 PM EDT

–Pennsylvania polls close at 8:00 PM EDT

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