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The Daily Wrap-Up: May 19

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Wednesday Afternoon –

Analysis from yesterday’s primaries and elections is pouring in from all directions:

Activists Seized the Day according to John Harris and Jim VandeHei at Politico. “The anti-establishment, anti-incumbent fevers on display Tuesday are not new. The ideologically charged, grass-roots activists flexing their muscle in this week’s primary showdowns are the same breed as primary voters who four years ago stripped the Democratic nomination away from Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who later won as an independent.”

Rand Paul invites Obama to campaign in Kentucky. No joke. Watch the video here.

James Antle writes of Landslide Rand: “Paul united his father’s national army of libertarian followers, who became his avid fundraising base, with a much larger group of rank-and-file conservatives who were ready for someone who would fight for limited government. It was a union of Ron Paul Republicans and Rush Limbaugh Republicans. In April, an exit poll taken at the Tea Party protest at the National Mall showed the demonstrators’ favorite politicians were Sarah Palin and Ron Paul. Rand Paul, with his focus on the size of government, unified both wings of the Tea Party movement.”

And in other news:

Cass Susntein promotes a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet in a 2001 WBEZ interview that was uncovered today. According to Sunstein, ideological political websites should promote opposite ideologies. If they don’t do it voluntarily, Congress should mandate they do…

Investigative reporter and NetRightDaily.com contirbuting editor Kevin Mooney uncovers new information on the now underground ACORN. Mooney writes: “Even if Congress does move decisively to cut off funding from the self-described network of community organizers who previously called themselves ACORN, the renamed entities are likely to remain potent and well-funded into the foreseeable future, former insiders say.” Keep reading.

Union Pension Bailouts are coming writes Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government. “Just when you thought that Congress might have run out of bailout ideas for politically-favored groups along comes Senator Robert Casey’s (D-PA) bill to bailout union pension funds.” Get the full story.

The NYT’s Peter Baker calls out Obama’s back-turning on the Press. “At a ceremony to sign a bill promoting press freedom around the world on Monday, President Obama refused to take questions from reporters. ‘I’m not doing a press conference today,’ he told Chip Reid of CBS News, ‘but we’ll be seeing you guys during the course of the week.'”

William Saletan at Slate thinks no one should cut Blumenthal a break over his Vietnam service scandal. “Blumenthal has never given anyone a break. He has made a career out of holding others to the strictest standards of truth—and mercilessly prosecuting them when they fall short.” So don’t cut him one.

Ace at Ace of Spades contends that Politico isn’t reading PA-12 correctly. Ace says, “But more importantly, Murtha’s district has leaned far more Murtha than for any party. Murtha Pork is the lifeblood of this economically depressed area; an awful lot of people rely, directly and indirectly, upon Murtha’s — or his proxy’s — ability to funnel millions of dollars from the rest of the country into this small slice of Pennsylvania.”

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