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Too Hot Not to Note: The Keynesian Dead End

  • On: 06/27/2010 20:44:28
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured commentary by the Wall Street Journal, as ALG News has previously, the Keynesian pipe dreams of spending our way out of recession have not gone as well as intended, as is evidenced by the policy prescriptions discussed at this weekend’s G-20 meeting:

    The Keynesian Dead End

    Today’s G-20 meeting has been advertised as a showdown between the U.S. and Europe over more spending “stimulus,” and so it is. But the larger story is the end of the neo-Keynesian economic moment, and perhaps the start of a healthier policy turn.

    For going on three years, the developed world’s economic policy has been dominated by the revival of the old idea that vast amounts of public spending could prevent deflation, cure a recession, and ignite a new era of government-led prosperity. It hasn’t turned out that way.

    Now the political and fiscal bills are coming due even as the U.S. and European economies are merely muddling along. The Europeans have had enough and want to swear off the sauce, while the Obama Administration wants to keep running a bar tab. So this would seem to be a good time to examine recent policy history and assess the results.

    Get the full story here from the Wall Street Journal.

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