06.11.2010 0

BP CEO should call on Stern or Soros if he wants a meeting with the Obama administration

By Rick Manning

Perhaps BP CEO should be requesting a meeting with George Soros or Andy Stern, rather than Obama, as they are the people who have been calling the shots in the Obama Administration.

From the RNC:

Obama Requests To Meet With BP’s Svanberg, Not Hayward: 52 days after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 workers and ushering in the worst environmental disaster in American history, President Obama is at long last requested to meet with senior BP officials. Svanberg is the chairman of BP’s board of directors, which according to Robert Gibbs has been “calling the shots” since the disaster began. He still hasn’t asked to meeting with BP CEO Tony Hayward who Mr. Obama presumptuously stated that he would have fired despite the fact he has not spoken with Hayward a single time since the April 20th explosion http://yhoo.it/dtBR8g.

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