06.02.2010 0

National Incident Commander Thad Allen wants to know what you think

By Adam Bitely –

We can all admit that the response to the BP Oil Spill has been embarrassing. But it continues to get worse and not better. From James Cameron getting involved to what now appears to be the public suggesting if proposed solutions will work or not, this is all starting to read like a bad Onion article.

Thad Allen, the National Incident Commander tasked by Obama to oversee Gulf operations, is now seeking your input on proposed barriers in Louisiana.

You can leave a comment for Thad at this page:  http://www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com/go/survey/2931/3879/

Weigh in. Leave a comment. Don’t waste time! The Gulf clean-up effort is awaiting your input! Thad has to get all of your comments to present to Obama before he can move forward with the plan.

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