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The Daily Wrap-Up: June 8

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Tuesday Afternoon –

3 GOP Senators are on the fence over EPA regulations. The big vote is on Thursday. The GOP votes to watch are Scott Brown and the two usual suspects, Susan Collins and Olympia Snow. Get the story.

The EPA’s reckless endangerment. Form ALG President Bill Wilson, “The EPA’s alarmist decision greatly understates the impact of restricting and reducing carbon emissions — which means limiting energy use — on global population sustainability and economic growth. The American people (and everyone else) depend upon petroleum, gasoline, diesel, coal, and natural gas to do just about everything, including getting to work, delivering goods and services, heating their homes in the summer and cooling them in the winter, and providing hot water.”

Cartoon of the day, “So sorry, Mr. Gore“.

VIDEO: Oil on Obama’s hands. After 45 days, the Obama administration announces it will contain the BP oil spill. Is this administration willfully negligent, or woefully incompetent?

ObamaCare nails its first “villain”. “Nancy Pelosi called insurance companies “villains” last year, and in that sense, ObamaCare scores its first success today.  The Virginia firm nHealth announced that it will close its doors by the end of the year, thanks to the costs associated with insuring people under the mandates imposed by Congress.”

CREW asks HHS IG to inspect panel’s conflict of interest.

ObamaCare Watch: The more we learn, the worse it gets. “This week, we learned that the Obama administration is orchestrating a $125 million propaganda campaign to sell the recently enacted health-care law to the public.  That effort will be funded by labor unions and other groups from the Democratic political orbit.  It comes on top of the misleading government mailer sent to the nation’s seniors, at the expense of taxpayers, touting the supposed benefits of ObamaCare for the elderly.  On Tuesday, the president himself will join the fray again to make the sales pitch, this time promoting the colossal waste of taxpayer money associated with $250 per senior bribes to be issued this summer and fall.”

Thomas Sowell: Random thoughts on the passing scene. “We have now reached the truly dangerous point where we cannot even be warned about the lethal, fanatical, and suicidal hatred of our Islamic extremist enemies in our midst, because to do so here would be politically incorrect – and in some European countries, would be a violation of laws against inciting hostility to groups.”

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