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ALG in the News: Seeds of a revolution

  • On: 08/29/2010 21:13:20
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following featured editorial from the Augusta Chronicle, the American people are laying the seeds of an uprising against the Washington establishment:

    Seeds of a revolution

    Those scratch marks you see on the threshold of the U.S. Capitol entrance are evidence of senators and congressmen being dragged out kicking and screaming.

    It doesn’t happen very often. They hold onto power like they cling to life itself.

    Yet, already this year, it appears three sitting U.S. senators have been shown the door — in primary elections, by their own parties, no less: First came Arlen Specter, D-Pa., and Robert Bennett, R-Utah — who actually came in third in his state GOP convention.

    Now it appears Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, has been upended by conservative upstart Joe Miller.

    Headlines have credited — or “blamed” — Sarah Palin and voter “rage” — as if voters are merely throwing tantrums and are being led around by the nose. Some in the media also want to characterize it all as a civil war in the Republican Party.

    We think voters are smarter than that. We think voters know precisely what they’re doing.

    We think it’s the beginning of an uprising.

    Our current rulers in Washington don’t get it, and neither do the national media. Americans are fed up with a federal government that’s out of control — in its spending, its regulations and in its unprecedented, unconstitutional quest for power over our lives.

    Consider: nearly half the Union is suing the federal government over its power grab in the health-care bill alone.

    Americans are tired of chronic politicians who use our tax money to further their careers through special-interest and porkbarrel spending — all the while stealing money from our children and grandchildren, not to mention our own Social Security payments. (They force you to contribute to your retirement through Social Security, then they “borrow” and use the money for day-to-day spending to make their deficits look smaller; anyone caught doing such a thing in the private sector would be hauled off to jail.)

    “There is massive voter unrest against professional politicians,” writes Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government. “The American people are rejecting wholesale those who make their livings as deal-makers, who spend too much, and who reek of the establishment, which voters correctly perceive (has) delivered the U.S. economy into a pit of despair, debt and persistently high unemployment.

    “The world that the political establishment has built is crumbling …”

    Let’s hope so anyway!

    Once we wrest control of Congress from the looters, we should get to work on passing constitutional amendments setting congressional term limits and strict spending limits. They’ve shown they can’t be trusted with the Treasury.

    The national media still don’t get it. How can you have access to a national audience and have no idea how that audience feels? Many in the media tried to write off opposition to the Ground Zero mosque as bigotry. Some claimed it was partisan opportunism. Some even said no one outside New York cared about the mosque issue. Yet, polls find 85 percent do care, and that most of them oppose it. Are all of them bigots?

    Likewise, the national media don’t realize how restive the American countryside is. So they’ll continue to be slack-jawed every time voters rise up to remake Washington.

    That’s how uprisings begin.

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